Of a motorcyle drive by.

I really don’t know where to put this idea. Is it the fact that I’m getting old (or is this a game where I can spot a person that came from my generation?)

Let’s go back to last Friday’s SMB Septemberfest. They announced that a foreign act will sing and eventually informed everyone (over in less than a week’s time? Or was it two weeks, it doesn’t matter) that Third Eye Blind will play.

Knowing that this band will play to the said event, it gave my nose hair rise, as this was a band that was a part of my music life when I was thriving college life. It is probably one of the rock bands that really mattered to me.

And as I talked to people about this, no one really actually cared.

I mean, coming from me, it is 3eb meyn. This is a band that had hits such as How’s It Gonna Be, Never Let You Go, Jumper, and Semi-charmed Life. They went bye-bye when they got their so-called last hit “Blinded” way back circa 2003. I think.

So, I asked a friend of mine if anyone knows who Third Eye Blind is. (actually she informed me this information… while she passes by Informatix… boo). She told me that nobody in her generation really know who 3eb is. They just know one song; I think it was Never Let You Go. And for God sakes, this song is offered in Magic Sing (Ekstrem Madyek Seng…).

So, I thought to myself, instead of berating myself of getting old at least I found some people who went to the concert who are part of my generation. I heard them singing the band’s hit songs at the early wee hours of the morning.

And I was just there, outside of the event’s premises, semi-sulking and watching the video-board, looking crappy. But hey, it was all worth it for me. Even if I happen to catch four songs out of the fifteen songs they played. It was all worth it. It was the same as the first set of the E-heads a week before.

And I though you were a fan. (Well, if there weren’t as much jologs at the event then probably I might drop by and look at the band face to face. But no, my skin is too great for them. Hehehe)

I still tried to do some video but I’m still lazy to upload crap.

Going back… I’d probably place this in my generation and not that I am getting old.


Really? Am I that old or is the new generation not aware (unaware?) of the music of the past. It is really ouchee to hear that eighties music are now considered as classics. As far as I can remember, classics are counted from the fifties and below. Then there are the sixties, the dance era, the new wave, the nineties, and the present (waw… sino may birthday?)

Oh em gee. Did I just say the new generation? Yeah. Crap.

Bring out the nineties songs. And Gin Blossoms is not a classic!!! The Queen is.

(yep. History is just repeating itself. And this post feels kinda kulang…)


~ by targrod on September 13, 2008.

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