Of my dungeon master.

What is the meaning of life? Why do we all think that we are here? Do we have a reason why we are living?

Naks. All of a sudden you go philosophical.


Let’s talk about my high school hobby instead.

During lunch hours there are around five or six of us who’ll round ourselves up in the darker part of the campus where the buffaloes roam and the jocks wouldn’t notice us. All of us have this sheet of paper individually with something written on it using a pencil.

Two books beside us and a variety of dices (is dices really the plural of dice? I’m so lazy to check it) on the other.

Yes, I was partly a part of the nerd society in high school. I’m just not your usual “hail thee our nerd master”. I just enjoyed stuffing ourselves with the daily dose of elves and gnomes and your usual monster.

I wasn’t even able to play the actual Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game. Since my friends aren’t even capable of buying the actual monster book we ought to change the game play instead. We included some mainstream powers such as the cosmic powers of Quasar and the vampiristic nature of a vampire (who else? Edward Cullen?). And we didn’t really play with all six dices (it was merely a fictional pre-blog yabang post). We played with the usual six-sided dice that I stole from the Mahjong table.

There was still some human interaction with what we’re doing. You can see the faces of the players you’re playing with and it was fun… for us.

It is just sad nowadays where everything is done in a computer. Computer this, computer that. It is purely virtual interaction. What will the future generation give us? Live-feed monitors in a cashier of a Mcdonald’s store. SONA done alone in a studio and you have to use the internet to watch it? I think you get my points.

And sometimes you’d probably hear in an AD&D game…

Guy Player 1: “Hey, are we playing later at your house?”

Guy Player 2: “Sure!”

Guy Player 1: “I’ll bring my woman Neutral Good Half-elf character.”

Guy Player 2: “I’ll use my man Neutral Bad Dwarf character.”

Guy Player 1: “So, it’s a double date?”

Guy Player 2: “Sure!”

Hahaha. Barber mode. Blech.

I’m still glad though that there are still some interactions out there. Like a Magic: The Gathering tournament for example or the E-heads concert or riding the MRT.


I still don’t know how I should end this post. I was thinking of hating the MMORPG world. It is really making the newest generation stupid, for me that am. I mean I know someone who extended his Grand Master-dom by hiring bodyguards because people were harassing him. I just find that really, really stupid.

But then again, I found gold in WOW. I am a proudly a WOW-free person for the past two months already. I haven’t played that game. And it is really not suggested to play it. I suggest you play Civilization or Heroes of Might and Magic or The Sims as the novelty wears off lesser than a WOW game (WOW is a Japanese channel… err… it means World of Warcrap.)

These games are really hazardous to one’s health.


Oh, I remembered in high school, I went “nag-kamay” when we were eating lunch with balut as viand. Bwahahaha. Adeek.

~ by targrod on September 14, 2008.

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