Of a waste-of-time.

Something came up to me last night. Something was revealed…

It all started with Friendster (or something in this sense, I mean I’ve talked about this crap more than a dozen times already). Friendster helped us connect with long lost friends or friends of friend of friend of Leopoldo Navarette (whoever that is). Even our long-distanced friends and family, we found them using Friendster. And we poked fun at each other’s profiles. From what-the-eff are their avatars (or pictures) and Hey-I-didn’t-know-you-watched-Coney-Reyes-On-Camera when you were little or not so little. So mainly, Friendster offered the favorites, the slambook type of reference. And you get to compare yours with hers/his that is entirely another thing; if you’re a stalker this will suit you well for your initial stalking phase.

Before Friendster, there was Livejournal or GJ or some other blog sites that informed every one of our daily churvaness. You write your crap, every one reads it. Everybody’s happy. At least every one’s updated with your crap. And somehow, especially LJ or GJ, these can be manufactured with the existing network sites.

Multiply came (and for me, me love Multiply) and mixed a lot of things. And now, even our favorite music and videos (from metube or hertube? Sounds like Fallopian) were shared to all. I mean you can now update your favorite music to your friends. And proudly say, “Hey, I’m listening to Ms. Ganda”. Which is also catered to us by Ilike; the sole purpose of it is to show each and every one your playlist.

I’m not finished. There’s more. There’s Shelfari (joketime: friend sya ni Shelmadre. Bwahahaha.) that shares your bookish life with outsiders. At least you’ll know who reads books and this is really a great networking site in case you don’t know what to give to that person if he/she has his/her birthday. Movie networking sites are somehow hard to look for. With a lotsa-movies that people see each month, which has the time to update them daily. It’s nakakatamad.

There’s also Twitter and Plurk, which informs everybody the nitty-gritty details of our brain. We write here what we want to do or such. (I’m not sure if Twitter is really like Plurk. Bastos time: Jump to the next paragraph if you’re clean as he who casts the first stone is a wizard. You see Twitter is for guys and Plurk is for gals. Why? Elmer Fudd says, “I love Twitter. I Twitter twee twimes a day”. Nicole Ayala then says, “Hay naku! Nakaka Plurkey!!!!”)

If you’re not sanay with yucky-kwento, stop reading.

Now, as I’ve said, (wait, I didn’t say anything yet) we are practically showing ourselves in public. Our almost private lives are written in the Internet and then we let other people read it. It’s like free chismis but without the most juicy details because I’m sure those dark dark secrets will remain as dark as Whitney Tyson.

I thought of something. Let’s create a networking site. It’s bombsaway.com and its main purpose is to inform every one of our dirty details. Yes, number one and number two. Since, we’re so naked na, let’s include what we usually do in the morning. Hey, the site will be semi-animated to make it funny and not yucky. We’ll have funny icons like the two guys in SouthPark, they ain’t bad. And there’ll be adjectives such as hard, squeezy, and slooshy. And there’s something there like the D-day, where you did number two the whole day (that’s why you were absent at work or at school).

And you can place there how many times you’ve done it. Comparing it with your friend. I’m sure if you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy it too like Friendster.

(Oo na. I’m stopping. I just don’t want to waste good ideas. Wow. With pun intention. Hahaha.)


Update: Plurking feels like a YM conference with a twist. Wala lang.

And somebody posted in Plurk na pooping is one of the top ten most talked about things in Plurk. Odiba. Hahaha.


~ by targrod on September 16, 2008.

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