Of I-wub-OPM dos.

I really don’t know how to start with this…

Should I say “People we should kill right now, as in now na.” or “Every time this song plays on the radio, a great flood will follow”.

See the pictures above? I’m sure they are fairly familiar. Thanks to a random site searched on Google, I was able to pinpoint the crap above.

I originally planned on posting the pictures of Ms. Ganda and Dj Sundalong Bata but it is really taking me a hard time to look for their pictures. I mean, they are “famous” in the radio and that’s it. Ergo, it would be a gem if ever I find a picture or two. (See the first quoted sentence above and mix it with this paragraph)

I’m not really angry at them but it is fairly obnoxious of them to recreate gasgas songs. It’s like “uy, natatandaan nyo ba yung mga sikat na kanta last year at ngayong taon? Yun bang mga kantang wantusawang pinatutugtog sa radio na halos yun na lang yung mga kanta na maririnig mo sa fx, bus, at dyip? Bakit hindi natin sila i-tagalog? Maganda siguro yun kasi pamilyar na ang mga tao sa mga kantang yan. Sisikat tayo! Yayaman tayo!” (e p***ngina nyo… siyeeeettttt…)

Just a few years ago, some people were outraged (including moi) when Salbakutah killed (killed is an understatement actually) a Barbra Streisand song. This bad use of a chorus of a song, mixing it with Pinoy hiphop, uhm… no words can really explain it. But you know what I’m driving here.

A Tagalized version of a song is meant to be funny. It is purely novelty. That’s why TVJ and Michael V made bucks because these songs are not meant to be played over and over and over again. In case it is played then the translation was funny and good. Remember Weird Al’s You Don’t Love Me Anymore? It is a funny and good song (and I shouldn’t have included it here. The point is that the song is funny). And I liked May Isa Na Namang Kumagat Sa Alikabok or even Dalawa Naging Isa.

But they weren’t made gasgas; only the OPM song Sinaktan Mo Ang Puso Ko which is quite understandable.

Now kids, we get serious with this stuff. Cheap as it may seem but these “singers” (actually Ms. Ganda’s father is an arranger and she lives with a family of musicians, blah blah) are riding with something famous so that they’ll get famous too even in a bad way (as bad publicity IS good publicity).

I am actually fed up with these songs even if the timeframe is not as long as the songs of Christian and Mark Bautista and Sheryn Regis (as they always lead the top ten videos in Myx). Why? Simple; we’ve already listened to them and mainstream suck.

I have no more to offer here. Please, no more Payong or Lawlaw. As I’ve already listened to a remix version of Payong and it’s not nice.

I’m switching to Bollywood.


~ by targrod on September 19, 2008.

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