Of I-wub-OPM uno.

I rarely buy original audio CDs. I usually buy it if:

–         It is a newly released album from my favorite band.

–         The album is kick-ass.

–         Sale.

And that’s it. I usually just copy albums I wanna hear from my friend’s folders or downloading them via torrent or kazaa (bwahaha. Kazaa.)

I now welcome the latest addition of my collection. Sugarfree Live! With Manila Orchestra (I can’t remember the name of the orchestra. Sorry, inhumane only).

It is a great album I tell you. If you loved the String Quartet songs that came out last year (again, you can get this one via Kazaa. Oo nga Kazaa. Pramis. O sya, sa Napster meron din) then this is quite different. The String Quartet compared to this CD is pfft, there’s no Ebe in those String Quartet albums.

As Sugarfree is my favorite band in these times (and Parokya Ni Edgar is the other, though they are declining, I really had to say this), I love each and every song they sang in the CD.

And I will be ranting till eternity because I wasn’t able to attend this concert. Whatever the reason was, I’ll be betting cutting off my pinky finger for what I did. But the CD saved me from doing it so I guess its all gooooddd.

There’s one song that struck me though. Still Fighting It. I love this song. Really and promise. If you know Ben Folds then you know this song probably. Remember that Ben Folds is not related to Fen Bolds. Hardy har har.


So that’s it. This CD is greatly recommended to every one. There’s a free Pugad CD with the carrier single Pugad by Sugarfree of course and some coupons from Dencios.


This is merely a rave post. (ang hirap na palang gumawa ng reviews. Hehehe.)

I wub Sugarfree.

Ebe Dancel, will you marry me?

“O kay tagal din kitang minahal… O kay tagal din kitang minahal!!!!!

At matagal kitang mamahalin…”


~ by targrod on September 19, 2008.

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