Of poo-tek.

This came up when one character in Coupling told the other character about new things you can create out of Jelly Wrestling.

How about Mud-wrestling?

Mud wrestling is not really a sport. Well, sort of. It is more of an art for the feast full eyes of drunks and jocks and frat boys and you-know-the-idea.

I have a question first. Where do they get the mud? I mean, basically its dirty (from what I understand) and then you’ll get lots of diseases in case you orally intake the mud. So, how do they get clean mud? Is it really mud by the way? I mean most of the time, I see it, and it looks like lots-a chocolate. And of course, it is not. I’ll leave this idea hanging though.

Now, moving on to the mud-wrestling match itself, why is it that movie(s) that contain mud wrestling contain girl on girl battle. And sometimes they include an old guy who usually dies of a heart attack. U-huh. Die happy.

Why can’t we place two guys in bikinis? I mean, is mud-wrestling for women only? That, is like, ssooooo sexist. I thought we are in the modern ages or industrial or what-ev where all genders are created equal. As men are getting preggy at the present so why is it that there’s no guy to guy mud-wrestling battle?

I just remembered that there are times when one-guy battles two women and all I can think of is “kawawa naman yung guy. Mabubugbog sya.”

Now, let us be realistic. As we all know mud wrestling are usually for the women only. So, what happens to the mud after it had been used? Will they throw the mud to the pigpen?

(sayang ang mud. Magiging mad ka ba pag nasayang ang mud? hehehe)

How about this? We take all those mud. Place it in a jar. Sell it.

Mud pack for guys. We can label the mud pack as “two women swam in this mud, now’s the chance for you, lucky guy, to experience a post mud-wrestling mud right at your own living room.”

Mud Pack… for the loser in you.


Game 1 tomorrow. Good luck Archers! (or later)

Archer fan post will be done before the second game.

~ by targrod on September 20, 2008.

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