Of ur usual Targrod crap.

I do hope Filipinos can own a kick-ass television station that can give us “local” versions of PG or even R rated animation and non-animated television shows. Or even just a weird show ala Strangebrew. (I know this idea is Malabo since money matters. Broadcast equipment is worth more than you and your family. Hehehe)

Since I’ll be talking about the baddies for the eyes, I suggest you stop reading as the theme might end up being bastos.

Before the bastos part… how about televisions shows that gives us Jessica Zafra ala Daria or how about our very own local Celebrity Deathmatch? Imagine episodes of the casts of Wowowee versus Eat Bulaga or old school such as an episode for TGIS versus Gimik.

I’m entirely sure they’ll be fun if you enjoy clay animation and gore.

How about a local television version of Beavis and Butthead? The plot is entirely simple, a province (I’m not getting stereotypical here. Ok?) type of duo that is unintelligent and sexually immature and they live in the urban area. The show will be offered with simple tasks with highly retardistic way of them acting in an episode. I’m sure MTRCB will have their medicine for the heart in case they find out about this.

And the script; the script is super simple. Two stupid guys who have some super sense on sexual words as their dialogue consists of:

Beavis: “uh-huh-huh-huh… sinabi mo __________.”

Butthead: “oo nga, ___________, huh-huh-uh-huh.”

These are the some words that are possible for the blanks shown above: itlog, talong, hotdog, nakapatong, nakatihaya, pinya, hiwa, hiniwa, nakabukaka, panty, kikiluhin, titimbangin, kikinis yun, hubad, Bee Jay, … I think I have enough and obviously you’re probably getting my point (I originally planned to write down a hundred words but it needs some research and I’m really lazy to do that).

I’m just missing some visual Strangebrew. I know they have a radio show and I might still get the usual dosage of SB (they call their show Brew-rats. Go figure) but it is fairly different to see Ramon Bautista, Tado, and even Angel do their stuff in a television show.

I used to watch the Not So Late Night with Jojo A when he was still in RJTV. I enjoyed crappy parts of the show. There are even times when I just have to laugh whenever they have some problems with their audio; as the production was really crappy but I enjoyed it.

Right now, I’m planning to watch the local version of Survivor. I’m planning to go back Pilipinas GKNB watching again. And tidbits of all those local showbiz shows, as all of these celebrities’ lives are important.

Exclusibo!!! Nabuntis ng aso ni Dennis Trillo ang aso ni Kristine Reyes. Mamya na! Exclusibo!



~ by targrod on September 20, 2008.

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