Of a gossip folk.

As they say, “Kapag hitik na ang bunga, may pupulot ng bato at ito ay babatuhin hanggang tamaan nya ang isang pirasong duhat.” Or something like that.

As the internet is the latest, sure-fire, way of gaining underground information or faster than a dyaryo newspaper, we’re sure that half of it is usually true. See E-heads: The Reunion (heck, that is one bad concert title. It should’ve been E-heads: Walang Nagbago.)

So, as it is, Mr. Manny “as early as now he’s really trying to get every one’s attention because for sure he’s running for the presidency, chet” Villar is having this anti-obscenity & anti pornography act of 2008 with the following whatever-you-call-it:

(1) showing, depicting or describing sexual acts;

(2) showing, depicting or describing human sexual organs or the

(3) showing, depicting or describing completely nude human

(4) describing erotic reactions, feelings or experiences on sexual female breasts; bodies; acts; or

(5) performing live sexual acts of whatever form.

Now, what’s wrong with this? I mean, I’m not a supporter of pornography but he shouldn’t have done this due to numerous reasons (but make sure that those Most Wanted publishers should be jailed for bad pun and ugly faces).

There’s the voting public. Men, for sure, have a great voting number and that includes the post teens, yuppies and young oldies (don’t forget the dirty old men). Basing this on FHM, if there are a lot of people buying their stuff then obviously their votes are, for sure, anti-Villar.

Then, the number of scantily clad starlets will probably decline. How about the talk shows? Who can they guest? The same old crappy celebrities; dang, we’re not fond of them anymore. (sawa na kami). We want new blood. (yung hindi marunong mag-ingles masyado or yung nagpipilit mag-ingles pero yung ep nila lasang pi.)

These are lad mags. Pinoys have a skill of making-lusot to a new level. Probably after these magazines are lost in the madlang people then probably there’ll be a new form of media. Internet probably or maybe there’ll be the return of the comeback of those vulgar tabloids as the head of Abante might turn away his Pastor lives and live again in a state of sin (ooops. Joke lang po ito. Ayaw kong mahabla.)

If this affects the movie industry, then we’re doomed. Promise. It’s like that MTRCB chief who banned The Schindler’s List and The Piano and Belle Epoque. No more art films. We’ll all end up to the usual comedy movies by Willie Revillame as he is planning to do a Wowowee movie, pordyosporsanto.

As Pinoy movies excel with those daring art films. (Yari na talaga, wala na tayong pag-asa sa Cannes at dun sa German filmfest. Yung may Teddy Bear).

And lastly, the church is our moral fiber for the society. I haven’t heard anything from them. The last time is when they banned Playboy due to its name and how it was depicted before. And just a hunch, they might join Villar regarding this one. (The church might have done something already; I have no idea what happened then.)

I don’t know. It seems that Mr. Villar here didn’t check what he is doing. Why don’t he just create a committee (trust me, our government is good with this crap) and let that committee do the control of these lad mags. I’m sure there are other important things that need to be focused on instead of creating these kinds of laws.


(Bwahaha. Pinagtatanggol ko ang FHM. Mawawala na yung stupid jokes nila at yung true to life stories e.)

And did someone say breasts? (insert Beavis laugh here)

Think about this one though, will you sign the signature campaign for these lad mags?


What is a Lad Mag. Search wiki.

~ by targrod on September 22, 2008.

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