Of surviving.

Wow. I can’t believe it. We’ve actually acquired the franchise or the rights for Survivor. It stars the former Destiny’s Child’s babes.


I’m actually talking about the television show Survivor. Hosted by Jeff Prose. Probe. Frost?… Jeff P.

Can I repeat the first part? Seems that the first intro didn’t have that much kick. I have the power for this kind of situation so here goes…

Wow. I can’t believe it. We’ve actually acquired the franchise or the rights for Survivor. Just like the other fifty-nine countries that’ve actually done it already.

Much better.

So, I haven’t had the slightest idea how the actual show looks like. I’ve only seen the promo and the teasers in channel seven (I might not be able to watch the whole season) but some folks are starting to get hooked on the series.

It is fairly simple. We get a lot of individuals who auditioned through the long-lined Megamall thingy; we don’t conform with the usual send us your video. We go to a foreign Asian land. We let them swim for a length of one kilometer. They create tribes (usually two). One individual goes bye-bye depending on the show’s decision. The tribe merges. The final showdown between two or three people and that’s it, a plot twist in the end. Then, after six months the winner will be announced (as the actual time of the stay of the Survivor’s stay had long been finished and the final contestants are literally dying to learn who won.)

See. I’ve seen a lot of Survivor seasons already. I know the formula. I used to be a Survivor-hioolic. I just can’t remember all the names of all the contestants and the winners. (Is there a Joey?)

In our version, there’s a plot twist. Every one should be beautiful except for two individuals (one male and one female) who is not at par with the others given that they will stand out despite the fact that the viewing public doesn’t like them because they are not their kras and they have no choice. No texting involved. Boo-hoo pathetic viewer.

As average Joe’s in our local showbiz is a big taboo. (Unless if the average Joe plans to take up comedy, then every one’s up for it.)

How discrimanatormanatorrent. (yep, this is a word. Look it up at http://www.thereisnosuchthingasthiswordpramis.com.ph)

Usually a joke or two will come up if ever Survivor is done in the Philippines. The usual would be surviving in Mindanao, surviving in Divisoria, etc.

We can also add a few more ideas for that. Surviving a concert full of emo. Surviving Anabelle Rama’s katarayan. Surviving an episode of Wowowee as a live audience. Surviving twenty-four hours worth of Hip-Rap CD listening. And Surviving Kuya Germs non-stop bad puns.

I’m sure Survivor Philippines will survive. If I’m channel 2 they should’ve done an Amazing Race Philippines. I’m sure that’s a good battle.


(wala lang. Gusto ko lang mag-react. Gusto ko kasing manood. Wala akong time. Boo-hoo pathetic office worker.)


~ by targrod on September 23, 2008.

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