Of zzzzzzz na naman.

There’s this term ‘Sins of the Father’ that I tried to Wiki but I haven’t found an article on it. I’m also too lazy to do some Googling. I’m interested with this because I know it’s true and I also know that the church believes in it.

Oh, i’m not entirely sure if the church believes in it but I know they do believe in the term. (this is one on those we’re not going to teach you about this since it requires a lot of training and seminars and what-not.)

(So, seryoso ba tong post na to. Medyow. Parang medyas ni Santa Claus.)

This is related to some past post about people having diseases that they shouldn’t have. For example, if you had AIDS and you got it inside a movie house then somebody could’ve injected it to you. Seriously, as I’ve said before, if you have diabetes and you know you’re not into sweets when you were young but you do know that genes or some of your family members have this then probably, just probably, you had some bad ancestors.

As sins of the father and genetics might be the factor in this, let’s remove the genetics aside for the meantime. Let’s stick with what we have.

I do believe that whatever strains of sickness you have right now might’ve been cause by your bad ancestors. (kaya nga sya tinawag na sins of the father). It is sort of a bad karma caused by the head of the family. It may not affect the people around you at the present but it may happen or appear two or more generations after you.

Let’s take Rudy Fernandez’s case. He died in agony. It’s bad, right? Yes. Did you know that this guy is a good person when he was young (as he is until the day he died). Then, why should he have to endure that shit even if he was good all his life? Let’s back track to his sister and his father. From what I gathered, the dad is a “bad” person and I think he did some bad things to the daughter, which is Rudy’s sister. And this sister had to sell her body and soul to feed Rudy.

Why is it that Rudy had to take that crap? Bad genetics? Probably.

How about the sins of his father and bad karma?

How do we break this? I know the church supports these kinds of cases. You can go to the nearest knowledgeable priest and ask help or if somebody in your family knows something in this idea then your whole clan can break it.

Everybody has to believe though.


(magulo yata ang explanation. Hehehe. At parang serious nga yata to. Wala akong joke e. Ay, meron sa baba. Pero pramis seryoso to. Peksman.)

Let’s eat na lang sa Conti’s (I wanna eat there) sa tabi lang sya ng Dami’s. (Paulit-ulit na lang ang joke).


~ by targrod on September 25, 2008.

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