Of some yum yum yum.

How delicious is a person?

Have you ever thought about this? I mean I usually hear this on television or in the movies.

“Ang sarap mo…”

So, as Homo sapiens, are we that delicious? How do we taste: sweet, sour, salty, or tasty? Can we be available in fast food stores or restaurants?

Can we be stuffed? Can garnishes be garnished inside and outside of us?

Do we contain the necessary nutrients for a person’s daily needs? Do we contain omega-3, phytochemicals, and your usual vitamins and minerals?

How much calorie can we give?

Are the lotsa questions about this post is becoming stupid? How stupid are we, as humans? Is it really true that the white race is the supreme race hence the black and the brown are mainly for slavery skills only? Where does one lie with the intelligence advantage? When you say you’re smart, does it mean that your high IQ is the sole basis for everything excluding EQ and such?

And you taught this is a sleazy post.


I’ve been watching this movie, The Beastmaster and I was kind of surprised with some churva.

Usually, before watching a film, I check it in IMDB first and then see the comments and reactions of those who’ve watched it and such. It gave me some early expectations if the movie is fabuloso or pffft.

Now, someone gave some comments that say, “When I was young and I watched this with glee. It was memorable and I really loved the movie.”

There’s nothing wrong with that. I mean when we were young we usually enjoy movies.

So, I started watching the movie and I was kind of shocked. There were boob shots. Not Once but two! Err twice!

Aaahhh.. That’s why it was memorable. You little sleazy kid you.


(I swear my mom’s gonna kill me that every time something happens in our house I immediately post it. Yeah, i’m bad.)

So, my mom is suffering from something related to her uric and he bones. She can’t move much of her left arm. There is extreme pain.

She told me to buy this foam cervical collar. If you’re familiar with those people who wear something that looks like a neck brace then that’s it. But it’s not a neck brace. But it looks like one and it’s white. But it’s not a neck brace. It is not a neck brace.

It is a foam cervical collar. (but it’s not a neck brace… it’s a foam…)

If you’re not familiar with what I’m saying, google the wife of Eddie Guerrero and check her neck. If you see some white stuff, she probably could’ve eaten some Carbonara.

I’m planning to video her and I’ll be calling her…

Robo-mom. (as my mom’s officemate call her Ninja Turtle, that sounds much better, isn’t it?)

I have to make paalam first.

And this is so juvenile.


~ by targrod on September 26, 2008.

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