Of yeah…

The only time a guy will shriek like a little girl is when something crawls up his leg unexpectedly. I mean, I’m not entirely sure if all guys experience this but what do you want me to do when a cockroach or a big spider crawls up my legs? Do a Japanese girl’s cute laugh while covering my mouth with both hands? Wouldn’t be that entirely weird if I do that?

Or is it just me?

In the future, I’m planning to create some invention that will enhance these creatures to un-surprise the human race especially the male population. As the male ego is the most important part of his life and body… next to his hair.

I might make these creatures mini-cyborgs or we can install sensors that will tell us that they are coming right at us.

I don’t want to see anyone see me shriek like a girl and especially big men who look macho and stuff.

Wait. A lot of people have seen and heard me shriek like a girl. So, we’ve past that already.

Maybe, I just don’t want strangers to see me more often than I do it.

Crawling creatures create less shriek if they crawl up your shoulder due to the point that your clothes have sleeves and the closest thing of clothing on your feet are your shoes, socks, and pants. What if you’re wearing shorts? Will you be saved from that supposedly embarrassing situation? What if you’re having a date with the hottest chick (this is so derogatory… let’s change it to a biatch… I mean… a cute pretty lady individual)?

Or… or… we can teach them how to talk. We can get some good tutor and teach them the English. We can even teach them sign language lessons but I know that money is usually the problem in this kind of cases unless the president of the United States of America would provide us some fabuloso help then we’re not that screwed; as he would probably believe in the situation.

Next time, we’ll solve the issues on men and sports. These games or sports make men really girly. I mean would you want to see your dad cry on national television because he won a freaking cockfight? I know money can be probably an issue here. I mean winning a hundred thousand bucks out of a win over poultry is good but weird.


Isn’t it nice to read something entirely useless and feel that you’ve just spent a minute or two of your life reading it?

Life is not fair. (Yuck)

~ by targrod on September 27, 2008.

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