Of tsentee.

I used to play World of Warcraft. I’m months free, thanks to my wonderful EQ; I was able to control myself in playing it. This game will literally control your life. If you’ve tried The Sims or something (probably some MMORPG game like Ragnarok) in that level and you loved playing the game, I may say that this game has one of the most time-consuming games I’ve played so far. This is next to Civilization, MonkeyIsland, AdventureIsland, and Ice Climber.

You see, the point of this game is to follow quests. A lot of quests and you have to do and finish them. After finishing a quest, you just have to do the next quest. And so on and so forth. To understand this POV, you have to open Youtube, look for an episode of SouthPark and look for the one with World of Warcraft. The episode says it all.





Oh… and level up-ing..

And that’s it. The replay-ability of the game is unlimited. That’s why you really must have this great controlling factor and tell yourself, “Hey, I have a life. I have to attend to my beauty pageant duties, my night life that provides me salary or allowance, and my ingrown. I forgot my ingrown. I know you’ve been hurting. I’m sorry. I’ll pull you out in just… a… minute… Ugh…”

Probably just like our lives. We’d probably get tired of the crappy things that we do every single day. We all have our own quests and it is entirely up to us if we’ll continue about it (if it is important and urgent) or we’ll leave and destroy it because it compromises with another “quest”. As we are only human beings and we don’t have extra hands or multiple personas or a death grip (wouldn’t you just want to have this grip? You just have to use your right hand and pinch some part of the neck. Asteeg diba? Kick-ass Bruce Lee move yan.)

I really do hope we’re happy with what we’re doing. This is to every one who drops by this blog and enjoys your life. I always say to myself that life is short; you don’t know what will happen to you or your pet iguana. Live life, die happy. Of course, death is not an option but shouldn’t we be all happy that we are breathing and thanking God that he gave us this life?

No, I’m not getting preachy here. I’m not interested to stand up in front of a bus and say my translation of the bible (eh kasi ganito yan. Hindi talaga apol yung kinain ni eba. Grapes yun! Kulay pula. Malaki nga lang. Like duh, hello, Garden of Eden yan. E di syempers ang mga pagkain dyan hitik na hitik, malaki, at masarap. E ang mga Hapon nga nakakapag-produce ng giant churva. E si God pa kaya) and hand out empty envelopes asking for moolah. (I really hate these creeps. Wala lang. I choose my own religion diba?)

The point is. Be happy (sabi nga ni manong big bubuyog). No matter how small it is.


Aaahhh. Jay-r’s optimism. Boo. Down with happiness! Bring out the Black Santa!


~ by targrod on September 28, 2008.

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