Of ah… this is crappy.

The evolution of number two.

I grew up (or studied, whatever fits the construent sentence. Ano daw) in an all-boys Catholic school. One of the greatest fears of a student, especially if you’re still young, is doing the number two. As there are three reasons why you can’t do it in school.

Number one, the comfort rooms in elementary are yucky. No matter how sosyal a school is, and as I’ve said I am studying in an all boys’ school, it is private too, the comfort room will be ultra-uber icky. If the school is uber yaman then probably we can keep the comfort rooms clean to super acceptable. So, that’s number one. Yucky bowls.

Number two, when you’re young you usually need a lot of help when doing number two as teachers won’t go to the bathroom with you and help you, even if it’s a private school. You have to learn to be independent iho; bad for you then.

Lastly, the dreaded “Si ______ tumae! Tumae! Tumae!” And I really do believe this is the most traumatic experience for a child. So, what does he do? Given the number 2 is asking for an action, the kid would then control his bowel movement. So, what will happen next? The uncontrollable secretion of number two in your shorts. And that is way, way, way crappier (pun intended) than what you’ve planned.

Probably in high school, you’ve gotten the control and you’re starting to do number two in a ninja-istic way. You’d probably sacrifice your lunchtime and do it on a comfort room on the higher floors where no one will notice you. The bad thing in this is probably the flush is not working and sooner or later the class will point the fingers at you and tell you that you did it. You’re not a whole actor yet so your nick will probably be poopy-pants in high school or something like that.

In college, the ballgame is entirely different. As you will probably call your school your official second home. As this is the age of rebels and theses, probably you’ll just live in your school to finish all the unfinished stuff that you weren’t able to do during the day due to all the assignments, quizzes, exams, projects, and crappy things that teachers enjoy giving to students. Again, crap.

As I’ve said, this is entirely different; you will probably gain two things here: ego and the adventure in you. Ego in a sense that, “Hey, I’ve done number two in school twice this week. Can you beat that?” or the adventurous type of “The best comfort room to do number two is in this building at this ungodly hour.”

And when you get old, you’d learn what you want. Here’s a tip though, if you need to do number two, do it. It is your nature to excrete fecal matter. If you don’t want to do it then Mr. Cancer is there waiting.


What a crappy post.

(Yeah. That bad.)


~ by targrod on September 30, 2008.

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