Of my food-ing.

Old school animation/cartoons and old-school children show always teaches the young who watch those shows to eat healthy food.

Let’s take Popeye as an example. When I was young, I wasn’t really aware of what spinach is (mahal kasi, foor lang kami. Walang mamahaling fagkain sa hafag ng lamesa). I think I just ate enough spinach when I ate in one of those Italian restos (yey. I have money na. Wait, libre lang yung ng friend ko. Bwahahaha. Yung mayaman kong friend na babaeng bakla. Bwahahaha). And Popeye becomes strong whenever he eats those spinach-canned goods. And as a youngster, I end up eating malunggay since you can get those in your backyard and it is green. I just don’t get the tremor-type movement in my muscles.

How about Bugs Bunny? He loves to eat carrots. There was a time that I asked my mom to buy me carrots and I ate it uncooked. That took me two minutes and I returned the uncooked carrot to my mom. We had Afritada (I think its Menudo. Who cares?) that night. I still ate the carrots though.

And our ever-trusting Batibot, it provides us with songs that relates to the “healthier” food group (those that are fruits and those that are vegetables and bangus). There’s this gulay song that says that kids should eat vegetables.

And I love vegetables and even fruits (though there aren’t anything above that pertains to any fruit, let’s leave that to fruit-flavored candies).

Now, these kids grew up (probably they are part of my generation), and obviously as grown teens or young adults it would not be part of our viewing tastes to watch shows like that. It is uberly weird to enjoy Batibot in this day and age unless of course if you have your own children (and you are malandi if you have children ten years ago, my age, whatever the calculation for Math is. Syet. Ang gulo na.)

Thank a supreme being for the understanding-ation of movie outfits and producers and directors. Since they know that we don’t watch those shows anymore, they’ve provided us movies that will still remind us to eat healthy food (ang kulit ko din no. Basta, I find vegetables and fruits healthy. Beh!)

So, we should thank them for reminding us to eat Talong, Pinya, and Kangkong.

Even though these don’t comprise the whole healthy food realm, I still want to thank them for reminding us these foods and for us to eat the right stuff.

Hopefully we can still produce films with themes like these.

Mabuhay ang Pelikulang Pilipino (These were shown during the late 90’s… as if we really care.)


(Chet. Pramis. Total waste of time to. Bwahahaha. Boo. Kulang pa ng Itlog sa food group! Bwahahaha. Tsaka Gatas. Mas effective to siguro kung maraming movies na may pagkain. Mani at Lipistik. Pakwan ni Manang. Ampalaya ni Mang Jose. Hotdog and Eggs. This suck and this is so sleazy.)


~ by targrod on September 30, 2008.

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