Of double z’s.

Movies can make or break a person. I mean once you watch a movie it may control you to the point that you believe the fictional story is true. Maybe due to the way it was told or you were convinced of the whole story of the movie that it might have hit your Achilles heel.

Back in the 80’s, I almost believed in two movies. There’s father and son (is the title really right? I think the actor for this one is Dudley Moore, the story revolves around a father and son switching just like Tom Hank’s Big) and Arachnophobia. Arachnophobia was somehow bigger that time due to its astig story.

My father told me, after watching the film, not to trust spiders. I can only trust them if they have doctorate degrees and if they have a respectful job such as a politician or a policeman (1… 2… 3… BWAHAHAHAHA. You can laugh with me if you want to). Anyhoo, my dad just told me to take care of myself around spiders.

Scary movies really affect me too as they are responsible for me having the lights turned on while I sleep. It took me a while to get over that phase. I mean, scary movies before made me really scared that’s why my favorite movies before are usually comedy films due to the fact that I was one scared sissy.

I’ve already gotten past this stupid phase in my life; I am now looking for that scariest movie. And I haven’t found one after the next two scary movies that I’m sharing. Wait, make it three.

First is, The Ring. I almost had a phobia with television. But it didn’t really stick with me. Next is Shutter, I’m not fond with cameras so I just looked away when there’s a camera.

And probably The Sixth Sense mattered. After watching the movie, I had a great interest now for a person’s third eye.

Movies don’t just make a person scared or phobic. It also makes a person interested in fictional stuff and makes it to a point of living it up in one’s life. Take Harry Potter for example, I’m a member of this group in the Philippines. I know it is an excuse for me to include it here since the books really mattered. But hey…

(hey? I love you till the morning come?)

Now, I still have a movie that is still haunting me as I’m writing this… Teeth.


Use Wiki on Teeth. I won’t explain.

~ by targrod on October 1, 2008.

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