Of brutus.

Here’s something to think about. Twilight fans turn away and this is about New Moon so you better listen to Blue Moon instead. (or watch Blue Moon, I’d probably watch Dennis Trillo though)

As I’ve said a few weeks ago regarding the female lead role for Twilight… Wait, I am really too lazy to backtrack at my post so let’s keep this one hanging.

Now, this girl is still in her teenage years. I believe she is in a “magulo” state; as all teenagers out there whether they are boys or girls. I’m not generalizing here. Ok? Call me “matigas” but I wasn’t affected with all her drama. It is as if she’s a very complicated person to the point of ruining her life and to the point of not having a focus.

She’s magulo for me. Period.

Now, the first male lead; I think we, as readers, know where this is going. So, pleaseeeee, please, please, get on with it. (Sa totoo lang nakakapagod magbasa ng paulit ulit na… hey, gawin mo na kong bampera. Ples? Suck me Edward. Suck me!!!!! And no pun intended here).

I was also trying to come up with lists that can be used as plot twists for the saga (as Meyer has multiple plot twists that up until now when all of them are going to end). Here’s what I came up with:

–         Mike will die. He will end up as a Frankenstein. Bella will fall for Mike. Mike will be Bella’s third boyfriend.

–         A new character will be introduced. His name is Brendan. He is a mummy as the high school they’re studying in shipped a mummy from a museum and the Mummy lived. Bella will again fall for the mummy due to some history issues. Brendan will be Bella’s fourth boyfriend.

–         Bella will stumble to some underground world. She’ll meet Chito, a Morlock. Since Bella will be trapped there for quite some time as Edward can’t stand the taste of a Morlock, she will stay there for a year. Bella will get married with Chito and she’ll be able to escape the underground world. She’ll find out Chito’s hanging friend is not as much as Edward’s.

Now, here’s something weird. Let’s say Bella is a hoe. She does it with Edward and Jacob. A mix of genetics in Bella’s fallopian tube made the egg cell to split into two and both Edward and Jacob’s sperm do some mixing with her dual egg cell. I think you’re getting my point here.

And that would be awesome. A human with two husbands: a vampire and a werewolf. We have twins that consist of a vampire and a werewolf. Now, that is an awesome epilogue.

Who will take care of the babies? Will the twins fight always? What religion should the twins believe in: Catholic or Protestant?

We’ll never know…


Fine. Fine. Eclipse is fairly betterer than the two previous books. (I just have to admit that).


~ by targrod on October 3, 2008.

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