Of da slang, te-cavits?

ASL (Age Sex Locaion) please? Would you like to add some picture? Then, do it the ASLP way (just like Sponge Cola’s KLSP, but that’s local as well as 143445254 or HHWWPSSP, but that’s baduy na or korni for some since baduy is not really used in today’s usapan.)

We have our old school such as AFK (Away From Keyboard), BRB (Be Right Back), IMO or IMHO (In My <Honest/Humble> Opinion), IRC (Internet Relay Chat), LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off), OIC (Oh, I See), and the appreciative TY (Thank You).

Isn’t Internet a wonderful way to talk? I mean, it created a whole new realm of talking or conversing. Linguists will often say that the idea is preposterous, stupid, or downright insulting but we can’t turn away on what the new generation is providing us. You can’t just barge inside a chat room or a chat conference and say, “Hey, we should all type the right way in this room. Make all conversations error and grammar correct.

You’d probably get some reactions such as ROFL (Roll On the Floor Laughing) or ROFLMAO (Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off) or the hardcore ROFLMAOWPIMP (Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off While Peeing In My Pants). You can even add YS at the end of that long Internet Slang, adding You Sanabagan in the end (but that’s local).

The Internet is also a world of offensive slang such as LOL that is derived from Ulol and FAQ that is derived from Fa-Q or Fakyu. Seriously, LOL means Laughing Out Loud and FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions.

The most used real offensive slang is WTF (What The F***), FOAD (F*** Off And Die), GFY (Go F*** Yourself), GTFO (Get The F*** Out), the unreligious OMFG (Oh My F***ing God), POS (Piece Of S***), or STFU (Shut The F*** Up). Imagine this, a twelve-year-old boy who happens to be in a chat room and he sees these things? WWPD (What Would the Parent Do?) Just a suggestion dear parents, be aware of your child’s Internet whereabouts.

Whether you are a noob (a derogatory term for someone inexperienced at a game) or a lamer (a know-nothing, one who is lame), a flamer (someone who makes inflammatory, abusive, or directly offensive comments), or a leet (one who is elite) it doesn’t really matter. As long you enjoy how the slang goes then GFU (good for you).

Though, there are a few slang that I don’t understand recently, such as FTW (for the win) or TMI (too much information), I have no choice but to look it up in Wiki (where I got “all” of these). As I have to ride with today’s generation.

(Hay PI ang dami na palang slang to-its. And where’s WKSLK (wala kayo sa lolo/lola ko?)

~ by targrod on October 5, 2008.

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