Of today’s game.

So, I went to ToyKingdom to look for toys that I could make fun of. I didn’t really find the best of the best or the worst of the worst but I found a few. It was quite of a ho-hum rummaging through the store.

First off, I’ve mentioned this before, those channel 2 made toys. Yeah, remember the Volta masks and the Lastikman gloves? Guess what, for every show that Channel 2 creates, they counter it with a corresponding game board. I’m not joking. There’s the Palos, Volta, and whatnot game boards. The best part is they’ve come up with a The Singing Bee game board (san ka pa). So probably, just probably, they’ll create more and more game boards in the future. Are we expecting Pinoy Big Brother and Maalaala Mo Kaya game boards? Yes.

It is as if children still play with game boards… c’mon.

How about the mind-boggling slash challenging 2 by 2 Rubik’s cube? Give me an effing break. Are you really sure that people will really buy that crap? So, what if you tried it you weren’t able to get the answer to the cube, will you still buy it? I’d rather buy those 4 by 4 cubes or those metallic puzzles.

Remember those kick-ass puzzle rings and bracelets sold on the side street? If you don’t know this, then you’re not hologs enough.

And there’s the wonderful and freaky air pets, why the hell would I buy some crap that looks like a dog and its floating. I really don’t get the idea for this one. I mean, they also sell cats, giraffes, hippopotamuses, and duck-billed platypuses. So, if I buy them, where should I put it, in my garage or in my garden? I really do believe that this 150 peso crap is the freakiest toy around.

Why would we want to buy inflated dogs? I mean, what’s the point in that? Isn’t the point of obtaining domestic dogs is to teach the young laziness err I mean responsibility and probably death. (Look Hon, you’re pet dog is dead. Pray for him. Ok? And we’ll have azucena later. I know you’ll like that.)

(It’s like you’re being one with your loved one.) à Eh? I think what I meant here is that if your loved pet died and you wanted to replace it by something you won’t feed, pet, or sleep with, then you have to buy the crap stated above. Or something likes that. There, much clearer.

Lastly, you might call me sexist for this one but it doesn’t matter because I’m sure it’s not appropriate for the young… maybe for a collector, but not for the young.

Ever since I was little wrestling action figures have always been available. From Tatanka to Jake the Snake Roberts; so, it was quite fine to see those action figures up until now. So, these sleazy WWE folks came up with the women wrestlers and I find it somehow disturbing. If you are a parent, would you buy your daughter a female wrestling action figure? Or if you are a parent, would you buy your son a female wrestling action figure? Think about it.

Oh Em Gee too. The mammary glands of that action figure are directly proportional to the head of the action figure.



Boo. =)


~ by targrod on October 5, 2008.

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