Of nostra de nostril.

I’ve always loved the idea of the supernatural or something that is magnificent that can’t be explained by the common logic.

I think they call this one mysticism in the olden days. I’m not sure on what they called this nowadays. Ergo, I love Mystika too. I wanna see her split again.

Turning in to prophecies, I bought this coffee book table about prophecies and I have some high regards with the best person that we can rely on this, Nostradamus. I’m not some hardcore fanatic though but I really am fascinated with those kick-ass prophecies that he did especially on the royal family, the two devils (IMO) Napoleon and Hitler, world wars, and even the 9/11 incident.

I have a question though, are people of brown and black in color aren’t really a factor for the whole world in terms of prophecies? I mean I haven’t heard anything that pertains to Jose Rizal, Indie Arie (wait, that’s not the actual name. Sino nga yung yung character sa The King of Scotland?), or even Mahatma Gandhi. (Ang daya diba, unless na mayroon ding brown superior prophecist at black superior prophecist para naman patas sa lahat ng colors ng mga tao. And you can call me racist or such; I’m just saying what I’m seeing).

Maybe there’s a quatrain that pertains to our colors. There are more than seven hundred quatrains and probably one might be related to you, to Hero Angeles, or even to Jimbo (na eks ni love.)

As I’ve said, I bought this book and I came upon this guy (or saint), Saint Malachy (hahaha. Inulit ko lang yung word na saint. Saint. Saint. Saint. Saint). He is officially the predictor of popes as he was like Nostradamus in terms of the prophecies but he gives phrases in no more than four words.

Sample: Pope John Paul I was called ‘Of The Half Moon’. It means that a half-moon was over the world when he died 33 days later. Or Pope John Paul II was called ‘From The Eclipse Of The Sun’ (if you’re going to argue about the four words, this is actually derived from Latin. Sorry, I didn’t write it down. Tao lang). It means that he has the ability to eclipse the work of the previous popes (and he is not entirely related to the Cullen family). Or my favorite Pope Jay-r I was called ‘Of The Humble and Meek’. This one is actually sacrilegious and I shouldn’t have written it. (but hey, they have a rule of becoming a pope. Anyone can be a pope. Yes, even Sam Milby.)

So, Saint Malachy gave the next “clue”, ‘The Glory Of The Olive’ and going to Wiki, here’s the explanation for Pope Benedict XVI. (I’m not sure though if the current pope is familiar with Saint Malachy. So, if he is not. Then, we can continue) The logic is simply the use of the name Benedict and the name Benedict is connected to the Olivetans, they are a small sub-order of the Benedictines. And so, that’s it.

Saint Malachy’s prophecy ends with the pope after the current. Pessimists say that the Catholic Church will probably go bye-bye after that pope. For me, hopefully, could strengthen the church again whenever this time comes.

Oh, and that late 90’s end of the world prophecy is probably wrong; in a sense that the third anti-christ might be born in that decade.


This should’ve been posted two to three weeks from now. Yeah, it’s kinda serious. Just writing stop from the top of my head (actually this idea is available a month ago).

Here’s my take on the prophecies:

–         Charice Pempengco will rise even further.

–         Some Filipino will win the U.S. lottery.

–         A Lolit Solis type of scandal will happen.

–         Sports officials will resign due to some bad leadership.

–         A second Hip-rap album.


In fairness, I was able to make chamba with:

–         Snape as the half-blood prince

–         And Albus is gay (I know, I know, I don’t have any public evidence regarding this. Aaahhh… nevermind. =)


~ by targrod on October 6, 2008.

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