Of emo’s fave topics.

I and a friend went malling one day and we heard beautiful music. As I was browsing through all those toys in Toys ‘R’ Us, I informed her that the music playing can be used for the fourth book of Meyer’s series, Breaking Dawn.

The song is Breaking Free. (Oh yeah, I’m sure you could’ve seen this one coming light years away. I know, I know it is absolutely corny. So, I’m giving you a choice right now, as Albus always remind whoever he’s talking with, would you like to waste a minute or two of your life to read this or spend hours in work or study or something serious such as teen pregnancy or teen suicide or reen teen teen.)

This is so reminiscent of those Mad TV sketches that went flop. But it’s okay…

I am absolutely sure that Breaking Free can be incorporated with the book, Breaking Dawn. Let’s try to check the lyrics, shall we? (I’ll be posting bits and pieces of the lyrics as stanzas and choruses. And wow, choruses are a word.)

We’re soarin’, flyin’ There’s not a star in heaven That we can’t reach.

à Well, technically vampires can really soar and fly and since they don’t really need oxygen and such they can try to touch a star. But what’s the point in touching a star? (Oh men, this is getting worse by the minute. Bwahahaha.)

If we’re trying So we’re breaking free.

à So, we’re Breaking Dawn. Yeah, we know.

You know the world can see us In a way that’s different than who we are Creating space between us ‘Til we’re separate hearts

à Yes, the world sees you guys. You are characters in a book. And yes, all of us see Bella and Edward (and Jacob) differently. And yes, Edward created the space when went to fight the Volturi. So, we’re still all good here. (and this worsens by the minute. Boo. This is just like one of your history books wherein you just read the title of the book and that’s it. You just listen to the teacher the whole sem after.)

But your faith it gives me strength Strength to believe

à Oh yes. Hell yes.

Can you feel it building Like a wave the ocean just can’t control?

à Look at the simile here. Syet pare lalim.

Connected by a feeling Ohh, in our very souls.

à Waaaaiitttt a minute. Omit these lines. Fallacy my lord. Vampires have no souls!

Rising ‘til it lifts us up So every one can see

à Now… a new plot emerges. Bella has a soul. Guess her favorite music genre (Soul. Bwahahaha! Damn, a bad bad blog post.)


I’m stopping; this is waaay getting real stupid na. I’m sorry to my emo friend, I know she loves HSM and Twilight at the same time.

And yeah, I’m really bored.


~ by targrod on October 8, 2008.

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