Of everything-seems-so-stupid.

Some knick-knack patty whacks.

(Give a dog a bone?)


Here are some things that you’ve probably known about me but still want to verify if I really have those things or if I really am the one you’ve talked to that’s why you’re still interested in reading this frap…. Err crap (or was it mop? Mop top anyone?)

1. I eat lunch during lunch hours.

2. I wear clothes in two ways. I wear house clothes when I’m home and I wear office clothes when I’m at work.

3. I watch the television. (moving pictures are perrrty.)

4. I ride a vehicle when I go to work. I pay the driver if I’m riding a public utility vehicle.

5. I studied in school.

6. I have a Multiply account. I use http://targrod.multiply.com as my HTML.

7. I have an email account.

8. My name is Jay-r. It is spelled as Dyey, Ey, Way, Das, Arr.

9. I wear glasses. I bet this is the most intriguing part of the list.

10. I am a man. I have a male reproductive organ.

(I’m so sorry. I just have to do this. Hehehe.)


I have been always fond of time travel in movies and in television. They have this certain feel of what really happened in the past or what happened in the future. And it is really a kick-ass thing for these novelists or authors or writers or dreamers or what-nots to think about these scenarios.

Take H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine (it is Wells, right? Well… well well well). A friend told me that the real story is really different with the one that starred Samantha Mumba (yup, the one that showed that interesting non-breathing horse in its multiple-ey cut body preserved in mirrors. The scene with Orlando Jones, oh God, you haven’t seen that film? Then, I really don’t need to explain much here. There’s a thing called Google. And it doesn’t rhyme much with Poodle. Bagel anyone?)

So, here’s a suggestion if ever you’re interested in going back to the past (wow, parang back to the future), bring porn. It doesn’t really have to be that hardcore porn. Just enough to fill the eyes of those guys living in the past. Of course, you have to take into account the year you’re stopping over. If it’s in the 70’s then you really need super hardcore stuff. I guess the best thing to do this is to go back during the time of the Spaniards.

Now, be sure that when you meet these Pinoys in the Spanish era, you should bring magazines. It is important. Why? If you bring some handheld device that provides visual stimulation then you’re just going to create problems in some near “future”. There’s no bunny playing with drums during those times.

I am still having problems on what to bring in the future though.

(this is just so stupid and sleazy.)

~ by targrod on October 8, 2008.

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