Ofh Eh Pee

Here’s something that came across my mind. It’s not really big, really. It is just some stupidity passing through.

We may all say that the Harry Potter series are somehow complete in terms of realities’ discrimination and your usual stereotypes. There was no racial discrimination really since we have the Asian, the African American, and your usual friendly ghost. And there’s no biggie stereotypes too given Albus’ revelation. So we’re all cool here.

Maybe and just maybe she missed one thing, the Dursley’s.

Let’s start with the husband and wife. Why is it that they’re ugly (somehow)? Does it really lead that if a person is ugly it all ends up with a person having an ugly heart? Me don’t think so.

We can say that HP’s parents are beautiful physically and emotionally. So, why is it that way? If ever they trade places with the Dursley’s will there be a change in our views? I just find it unfair that fugly people have the stereotype that they are uber-bad.

Yes, I know you’ll say that there are no two Pettigrew’s in one group. But why? Isn’t it nice if there are two fugly people with two different directions in what they believe in? A fugly good and a fugly bad (hhhmmm… I have to submit these to the Dungeons and Dragons people; we can add these to your usual neutral good and neutrally sexy, like moi.)

I demand a makeover to the Dursley couple. They deserve to be appealing to the eyes despite their unremarkable bad trait (I’m just basing this on the approach of the first books wherein you’ll really hate the couple.)

How about Dudley? Dudley’s appearance is a mere fallacy. Maybe those horizontally-challenged and fugly kids in America are such a-holes but way back here in the Philippines, it usually is not the case. I’ve had a dozen friends who’re horizontally-challenged and nice the same time. More over them are good looking too.

Is it because that Dudley should have that approach of being a horizontally-challenged bully?

I know you’ll just probably say that Gilderoy is beautiful too. (Gilderoy is metrosexual by the way.)

And I have no answer for that one. I’m just talking about the Dursley’s right now.


I do hope they have their own journal too. I mean the Dursleys.

Vernon’s will always say, “And I said no magic in the house!”

Petunia’s will always say, “Me have a big secret.”

Dudley’s will always say, “Harry is hot!”


Lame… sorry. Inhuman only.

(tama na yan! Inhuman na!)

~ by targrod on October 12, 2008.

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