Of old-school tv.

As an avid reader of sinful magazines… Wait, I did say reader and not browser, right? So, that absolves me of the point of buying a lad mag. Yes, I read the articles and yes, they are really helpful. They have tips and tricks and teats errr treats (what has happened to me? Sleazy all of a sudden?)

Ok. Stop with the stupid innuendo… Let’s go forward to why I’m posting this one.

As I’ve said, FHM has an article this month. It is about the Pinoy Tv Classics (subbed with) We Wish Were Still On Air. The list are (I’m not gonna do the usual listing style, I’ll do it in a form of a semi-essay type to save some space. And hey, I shouldn’t explain this one…. Blech)

Iskul Bukol :: John En Marsha :: Chicks To Chicks :: Abangan Ang Susunod Na Kabanata :: Ang Manok Ni San Pedro :: Ober Da Bakod :: Debate With Mare And Pare

Palibhasa Lalake :: Batibot :: Young Love, Sweet Love :: Eh Kasi Babae :: T.O.D.A.S. :: Goin’ Bananas :: Ryan Ryan Musikahan :: Kwarta O Kahon :: That’s Entertainment :: Sic O’ Clock News :: See-true :: Lovingly Yours, Helen :: Katok Mga Misis :: 2+2 :: Superstar :: Student Canteen :: Pinoy Thriller :: Chibugan Na! :: Champoy :: Vilma! :: Loveli-ness :: Penthouse Live :: Seeing Stars With Jo :: Mongolian Barbecue :: Newswatch With Harry Gasser :: Two For The Road :: Cafeteria Aroma :: Not So Late Night With Edu :: Duplex

I’m in a dilemma here. I’m not sure what to write about these. Yeah, these. I mean I can say that I know 26 (or 27) of these TV shows. I can give out some useless trivia like Student Canteen filming in our school, as a vaguely remember or Lovingly Yours, Helen was replaced by her daughter when she died (look up Princess Punzalan and the title, I think, was Bubbly-ing Yours err Lovingly Yours).

I can also say that Iskul, Abangan, Ober, Palibhasa, Goin’, and T.O.D.A.S. for me are kick-ass. I can also say that people whose age is 20 years might just say that they are just familiar with a handful of shows since they can’t really remember if they’ve seen an episode of That’s Entertainment (which I am proud of not watching the show ever. Bring me Tabing Ilog and I’ll dance a tra-la-la dance with glee).

I can say that Loveli-ness, Vilma!, and Superstar are so not for me. I can also say that Ryan Ryan kicks ass and Katok just says “Screeeeaaaammiiinggg Gaaaayyy” (hopefully gay is not a derogatory term.) And yes Giovanni Calvo is with San Pedro right now as Lito Pimentel isn’t. Who can ever forget Batibot that beats Sesame Street, Pin-pin, ATBP, Star Smile Factory, Pen Pen De Sarapen, Eh Kasi Bata, and Uncle Bob’s Lucky 7 Club.

I’m not entirely familiar with See-true, Eh Kasi, 2+2, Penthouse Live, Seeing Stars, Newswatch, Two for, Cafeteria, Not so late, and Duplex. John En Marsha is sooo traditional Filipino. Chicks to Chicks look like it was the local version of Three’s company (we all know Vic and Rosanna and the girl came up with this show at channel 7 too) with all the sexual innuendo (uy.. double innuendo). Debate is simply just kick-ass, a first in national television actually. It is like a valid and social palengke fight (sometimes).

Kwarta is simply dull and good at the same time. I just can’t get over the Roleta ng Yakult. Pinoy Thriller is filled with my “Oh Hinddeee” (this is the right show, right? It’s like Ben David’s voice and y’all. And yeah, Ora Engkantada too. It’s like they are combo. Sweet.) Chibugan Na is just it. Hahaha. I like Kalatog Pinggan better (nandun kasi si Mahal, churi churi).

I’m missing Rene Requestas in Sic O Clock. I miss Kuhol in Mongolian. And sing with me for this one last TV show… “Champoy… Champoy… Galing sa ilong ang champoy.”


You know what; there are hundred of shows that we can add here. They’ve forgotten a lot I tell you but we may say that these are the first or the best for the genre that they focus on.

Back in the article, Palibhasa started the new style of sitcom. As all sitcoms are using it right now. And maybe that’s the main reason why I’m not watching any sitcoms nowadays. Pare-pareho lang. Maybe if these tv giants can give us sitcoms with real acting, maybe I can come back to local tv. Remember Buddy and Sol and Home Along Da Riles, every week they have a plot. They have a script to follow. No adlibs (I’m unsure of this one). I mean no ad lib in a sense that the director or whoever gives them a topic and then poof… kayo na bahala. Bwahaha.

There were a handful of channels before. And these shows weren’t that much but I can say they are of quality, that’s why they were able to go through the test of time.

And that’s why any given time, you can give me reruns of the adventures of ariel and maverick (and also the problematic show… errr.. you know the title, I can’t remember) or Strangebrew. They were independent. They were, in a way, in quality. (and are they adlibs too? Now, I’m getting contradicting)


Jologs na jologs na ba ko? Hehehe. Nanay ko kasi hindi daw ako jologs masyado. Porke’t hindi ko nasagot yung carrier single ni Manny Pacquaio hindi na ko jologs. Hmpf.

And omg talaga, I can write more than fifty shows siguro that are on the top of my head na hindi na existing ngayon na hindi kasama sa list.

And channel 5 looks promising again with new local shows and the exodus of PBA.

And why is it that Tv Patrol wasn’t in the list? Is it because that De Castro’s voice is really nakakaantok when he’s delivering the news?

And how about Tatak Pilipino, it was cool. Do you know Gel Relos-santos?

And how about Ready Get Set Go, do you know Panjee Gonzales?

And how about Tropang Trumpo. They rocks I tell you. They were a hit during the nineties. Giving Earl Ignacio the name and even Maoi Roca who has no right to act but they gave him the break anyway (just like Bj Manalo in an afternoon variety show. *shudders*)

And do you remember Jao Mapa’s show in channel 5, Music Bureau?

And why is it that Aguila, Valiente, and Anna Luna not in the list? I can still remember Joan Miller (yung kapatid ni Macy) in Anna Luna. She digs me, I tell you.

And did you know that the E-heads was banned in channel 2 because they didn’t follow the order of Mr. M (or some higher up) as they want to play the song without using their instruments.

And I’m going to stop na. (Isang Tanong, Isang Sagot :: Cristyperminute :: Showbiz Linggo :: Tarajing Potpot :: Kaya Ni Mister, Kaya Ni Misis :: Tondominium :: Mana-mana :: Love Notes :: G-mik : Super Klenk :: Ang Tv :: Pahina… seryoso I’m stopping.)



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One Response to “Of old-school tv.”

  1. nice flashback..gone are the days that filipinos really male the most of the funny things they have..dont forget Dog of Flanders where Nelo and his dog drawn carriage Patrasche who delivers milk and gets paid..Lolo Jehan is the immediate guardian but dies..tragic ending coz Nelo and Patrasche dies in the cathedral where he wished to see the painting of Reubens but he was not allowed to enter before..He gets to see the painting and dies in the sleep together with Patrasche.

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