Of Molly’s color.

I just remembered that when I was a kid, they let me watch Closed Encounters of the Third Kind.

I fell asleep.

Like the time when I watched The Exorcist too.

La lang.


If Bayani wins the presidency he can give us this:

*Y’all, this is the Malacanang Palace, Pretty in Pink version.

* I got tired on painting the palace more pink-ish but you get the point, right?

* Check out the image on the water, it’s white and it’s magic!


I got this text message from an emo friend. Yes, it is somekinda bastos, please care bear with moi.

Text say: Dept. of Health Warning: All men are advised not to suck Chinese girls’ breasts as their milk may contain Melamine! Iwasan ang boobs ng chinita! Pls pass…

Just last night (this happened the other night, as I usually create blogs in advance sometimes) our batch-mate in the office had his last day and I relayed to him this text message.

He immediately replied, “May sakit na pala ako sa bato.” (or something in that sense. I really can’t remember the exact words).

So, to the batch’s Master Vader, you’ll be missed.

The following had left us already namely Ruselle torpe, Rio’ng palengkera, BOS Beejay, Ice ang babaeng tunay na bastos, and Miko the sharpshooter all left us already. There are five of us in our batch and who’ll be the last survivor? (Abangan…)

Dinner this week pips.


~ by targrod on October 14, 2008.

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