Of some churvanesses.

I’m feeling it too…

I feel two hands lurking up my chest and my behind… err… that’s too graphic. Change topic…

What I meant was, I’m feeling the air of tiredness too. After a depressing Friday last week, an air of tirey-tirey (let’s call it this way because it is cute. If I only use tirey then it feels like I’m in America’s Next Top Model. I swear you’ll punch me if you guessed the punch line) loomed the mid-October month. I’m not sure why, I have a guess. This is due to those melamine-infested foods that we ate and now the nanomicrobes inside those melamine products were triggered and gave all our brains the tirey-tirey sense of being. (talk about geeky…)

Or not.

It’s October, we all just want our November to come. Mr. November can help most of us due to the holidays that will be given to us. Though, in a contradicting matter (and I’m sure), November is also the month, or start of the month, in buying gifts for our loved ones (and our enemies with enema) this coming Christmas.

And we’ll also experience the tirey-tirey number of people who’ll roam the malls, the streets, the red box, and the lmatian aso (sorry. Pinilit na pun. Or pun de pinilit. Like this one two. Wow, I’m on a gulong.)

I’m not in the mood to create solutions right now. All I can say is wait for Twilight the Movie and High School Musical Three the movie (and hey, have you seen the Bollywood version? Bwahahaha?) At least something will be discussed again. Today’s movies aren’t really highlight-ish so the best that you can do is to get those movies in the dibidi stores. I suggest Step Brothers and Psych the series. Promise, it is funnable or funny for you stereotypes.

Oh, I posted this because I really am exhausted physically. I just had my 48-hour weekend support last weekend (bwahahaha). I’m waiting for my VL subsidy that I don’t know how I’ll get it. I need to gain five vacation leaves this month.

Even that Harry and Paul thing didn’t surface much. People are just too tired of prostate-ing errr protesting.

And there’s no MGB Halloween Ed to watch at the end of this month. We’ll end up with Mel and Joey instead. And any shows where Cristy Fermin’s face is showing. Enough for that Halloween treat.


I’m currently listening to an all dance playlist. Songs range from the seventies to the early 2k.

And this doesn’t relate to you in any way possible. As if you really care. And as if I really care in what you’re thinking right now.

Oh yeah, I’m such a biiiatttcchhh.

Forgive me; I have PMS, Pang Menstruation Sa lalaki.

(At akala nyo kayo lang…)


~ by targrod on October 15, 2008.

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