Of wow again.

Confessions of an impulsive buyer:

*All conversations are pure-monologue-ish and inside the brain-ish as if the person is talking-ish then a problem might persist-ish*

“I’ll be going to St. Francis today. I have to buy one cup of rice. I think I would just spend a mere fifteen pesos at max for that cup of rice. No biggie. Add probably a fruit juice drink of something without cola or caffeine. I want to drink healthy for today.”

Left the office and left the office building. Crossed the street. Found Podium.

“Oh gosh. It is really hot today. Might as well pass through Podium. They have a kick-ass air-con. Besides, I believe I have to buy some blank Cd’s.”

Went to the fifth floor and dropped by CD-R King.

“I think I need a few Cd-R’s and some Lightscribes. I need to get that Citizen Kane burned in a disc. Archiving issues”.

After buying the blank cd’s, went down a floor and found Astrovision.

“Hhhhmmm… I’m almost finished with my work. I am just going to BROWSE for videos.”

Enters video store.

“Ooohh! Queen Christina. That’s Greta Garbo. I know I have to buy this because just last night I was browsing the 1001 movies you have to watch before you die and found that title there. I knew it. I have to buy it.”

Grabs Queen Christine.

“I know I’m finished with my work. Might as well browse the whole store too… Wait, I know the last time I went here I was looking for Streisand’s Funny Girl. I’ll ask the counter later when I pay this movie I’m holding… Oooohhh! Sixty peso Vcds! I want to watch The Avengers. I haven’t seen this one. Uma Thurman and a Fiennes. And Goodfellas, as far as I can remember I haven’t seen this one too. And oh my God! Thx 1138. Finally found a copy. Sweet… And I think I have to pay these. My stomach’s grumbling.’

Pays the CD’s to the counter and asks for the Funny Girl DVD. Stock is still not available. Finally leaves the Podium and did a quick buy for a cup of rice and large cup of fruit drink in St. Francis.

Yes, 330 pesos for a cup of rice.


Have you seen this in Yahoo News?

Check out this article: http://videogames.yahoo.com/feature/gamer-juggles-over-30-warcraft-characters/1255554

Dang. Wow-ddict talaga.


~ by targrod on October 16, 2008.

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