Of none only.

Just months ago, and I couldn’t believe the news actually, some foreign news compared John Travolta and Zac Efron. I believe this was due to that Hairspray movie. Even John said that he sees himself with Zac when he was at that age.


In all honesty, movies nowadays have become tame and lame. Let’s try to compare Grease and HSM.

Oh no! Not another HSM entry. (hindi ka pa ba nagsasawa???? Hinde.) This is due to the fact that HSM3 is just weeks away. Yey! More Zac-mmy (it’s a mix of Zac and yummy) goodness. We’ll have more uhhh by Vanessa or Ashley. Or we’ll have the wonderful presence of that young metrosexual guy. It’s Lucas Gabriel… Gabrielle? Gabrielle Lucas? Boo.

Let’s start first with how movies had transitioned during those two decades (Grease is in the 80’s, right?). Let’s say that Grease was made in the 80’s (as I’m not a martial law baby so I can’t answer this one… really) and in actuality movies in the 70’s have this sexual revolution. That’s why uber-hardcore movies were made in this era. There’s this African-american blaxploitation movie Badassss (the title is surprisingly long and I can’t seem to remember it) and the hardcore cannibal movie Cannibal Holocaust.

Enter 80’s, sexual revolution is dying down because disco is dying (enter song: Coz I was dying inside to hold you…). And connecting these crap to what I’m saying, Grease had some songs that aren’t child friendly. Like this line in the Grease Lightning song, “You know that I ain’t bragging she’s a real pussy wagon”. I’m absolutely sure that if you’ve seen this line in Breaking Free, you’ll surely say, “What the eff is happening with Disney, they are the dope.” Or something in that sense.

So, please no comparisons. There are a hundred more reasons why both movies and actors are not the same. The biggest thing of course is the decade the movies were shown.

Imho, Grease is a cool movie and HSM is just full of girls who picture themselves nude and share it in the Internet, full of girls who have nose jobs, and dancing guys who looks like they aren’t really guys at all.


I didn’t really like Grease much though.

I’m happy with Sound of Music na lang…


Don’t you love blog posts where you haven’t slept for thirty-five hours already and your just blabbing things left and right?

I’m just happy right now that I’m watching Dogma. Jay and Silent Bob rules!


~ by targrod on October 18, 2008.

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