Of bad happiness.

I know this post will be my karma. I think I’ll be able to accept that because somebody has to say it.

Or actually nobody’s really interested with this type of subject. In short, wala lang.

I’m not really the type of person who’ll enjoy the misery of others. I switch channels whenever America’s Home or America’s Funniest or whatever home video TV shows televises people whom accidentally (or un-accidentally) hurt himself or herself. I just find it in bad taste.

Imagine the countless videos of flying objects hitting the crotch of a man. If I want to see this kind of scene, I’ll just switch it to Jackass anytime. At least, these guys do it for money.

But sometimes, I just can’t stop watching some foreign shows (or even local ones) that showcases the true Shudanprudan (it’s Schadenfreude, you freud errr prude. It is German and it means enjoyment taken from the misfortune of someone else. Or if you’ve seen Avenue Q, you’d probably bypassed this paragraph already… too late).

A friend one said that those shows are sinful. But I just can’t stop watching their misery. Or misery produced by the show to the person. For example, TMZ, this group of people is really selling their souls to the devil. Try watching an episode and you’ll see. They just don’t make fun of people. They love putting them into bad situations and insult them behind their backs (meaning, the ignorant celebrity doesn’t even know that he’s being featured in their website, etc.)

And that is their job. And they have the “right” because they are the paparazzi (paparazzi my a**).

But I love watching the show and I’m sorry. And I have a new addition to my viewing list. There’s this show The Dish with this lady who, for me, is I’m not actually sure if she’s trying hard to make some punch lines but sometimes she gets the job done.

Going local, I’m really happy with channel 2’s decision to suspend that Cristy Fermin. I just can’t stand it whenever she looks at the camera and tells every one that she’s righteous and such. Wtf (as in watdapak talaga).

And she deserves it.


It’s like I’m so affected with these things. I mean these things are more important that the almost-collapsed Wall Street, the still pricey gas prices and our society in general.


And what’s up with Alfie Lorenzo? If Juday is his only alaga then he’s in big trouble. Juday might look for a new manager.

~ by targrod on October 19, 2008.

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