Of a series of drama posts…

How much threshold of pain can a person contain? (tama ba? Contain? Hahaha. Pag nilagay mo ba yan sa isang lalagyanan, container na yun?)

I’m not entering the usual emo episode but I just feel so numb right now. It feels that everything else is so blah right now. I’m trying to tell myself that something must be really happening. I’m trying to look for that small thing that will make me giddy-giddy.

I know this is kinda mababaw actually. I mean, with all the Earth’s problems right now I should be thinking about something else like how I can help the earth today or how can I contribute some positive crap.

I try to read the newspaper everyday and look at the pages. It feels blank. I know the Wall Paper errr Wall Street incident is important. I know that the upcoming U.S. elections are important. I know the melamine scare is important. But that’s it. It is really blank.

(I swear ngayon lang to. Maybe some brisk walk will probably remove the kadramahan.)

But I’m really not depressed… really. It feels blank.


On a lighter note, and I’m sure I shouldn’t have missed this one, I just found out that there’s a Pinoy Marvel superhero group.

Yup, the group’s name is the Triumph team (it is Triumph right? It feels like they’re selling women’s underwear or something.)

We looked crazy in those panels. It was in a bad stereotype actually. The closest thing for being a Filipino is one of the superheroes’ names. It was Antun. And it was actually sucky at the same time. Antun doesn’t really sound so superhero-ish at all.

Check them out at the Invincible Iron Man number 2 and I think number 4 too.

And I don’t really want to be spoiler-y here but the epilogue for that part is really crazy.


Oh, and on an uber-lightness note, Step Brothers is hilarious. Reilly and Ferrell are still using their formula, the one wherein they converse about some funny crap.

Other notable movies I’ve seen this month are Dogma, The Orphanage, Dark City, D.A.R.Y.L., Tales of Terror from Tokyo and All Over Japan, Thx 1138, Scarface, Masters of the Universe, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Teen Wolf, Private School, and Nightmares and Dreamscapes.

Yeah, the 80’s rock.


Just. Maybe. Everyone’s. So. Busy.


~ by targrod on October 20, 2008.

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