Of an A-z of Undas movies.

Here are some suggestions to the upcoming undas as we are all fond of scary movies during the all “S” holidays. I just want to be clear though, for me, a scary movie doesn’t really mean that it should contain your usual ghoul, ghosts, and trying hard actors and actresses. It means that it can be scary in a sense of what ifs, phobias, and the usual what’s wrong with my imaginary mind and chieneses.

So, here’s my A-Z movie suggestion list. Again, I found no matches for the letters Q, X, and Y. And a few of the movies in the list are pilit since I really have no choice due to the limited number of movies falling under that alphabet or letter. (All movies mentioned have been watched by moi.)

And expect funny movies too. Funny and scary, just like the formula of almost all our scary movies. And another one, all consists of foreign movies.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddie Krueger anyone? The first installment in a series is awesome. And the 80’s are cool too.

Black Sheep: A sort of black comedy (pardon the pun) wherein evil sheep attack people. I tell you, this is uber-ly sheepy fun fun fun.

Cube: A sort of sci-fi thriller, a group of people are trapped in a big cube, think Rubik’s cube in life. Now, think of the movie Saw where each room is a surprise.

Delicatessen: This one is slightly weird and foreign. Think of the time when we humans run out of food. What will we do?

The Evil Dead: Relive Ash’s of Army Of Darkness in this uber-old school movie by Sam Raimi. Raimi who? It’s Raimi who created Spidey.

1408: Who can’t resist a Stephen King movie? Don’t forget to look for the different endings for this movie. I prefer the theatrical version though.

Grindhouse: It’s Quentin Tarantino and Roberto Rodriguez in a two-movie in one movie… err a double-feature 70’s style film.

Hostel: Because we need to include your usual heavy gore slasher flick once in a while. And the protagonists are stupid.

I Know What You Did Last Summer: I’ve added this one because of Jennifer Love Hewitt… and that’s it.

Jeepers Creepers: Jeepers Creepers 2 sucked and you have to watch the first one. It is not sucky.

Kiss The Girls: An action thriller. No scary plot here. It’s Morgan Freeman. Yehey. I really don’t know if we can classify this one under scary.

Lady In The Water: It’s an M. Night and I like this film. Some may say that this suck. A geek like me won’t turn away from fantasy.

Machine Girl: Japanese rules! I’ve posted an entry solely for the Machine Girl and I just love the badness of the film. It’s my cult classic film.

North By Northwest: Check this out. This is an Alfred Hitchcock film that has been copied numerous times by today’s movies.

The Orphanage: It is a Guillermo Del Toro (or De Toro?) freaky film. This one gave me shivers.

Poltergeist: Again, 80’s rule! Don’t you just love the freaky little girl? I do! I wub here so much I’m gonna marry her… uhm… nevermind.

Running Man: Think about this one. The future where killing is a game and the scariest part is we have Arnold S. as the main actor.

Secret Window: A wonderful Johnny Depp film. The story is kind of mabagal and I think this is another Stephen King film you’ll enjoy.

Teeth: This movie-that-looks-an-indie film is really scary in nature. Imagine if a guy dates a girl with… the magical teeth. Sweet.

Urban Legend: I wub this one because Pacey is in this movie. This version of Urban Legend is subtler than the second one. So, it’s actually up to you what you want to watch.

The Village: Y.M.C.A. anyone? (oh yeah, joke) A wonderful M. Night film. I know you’ve seen it. Watch it again.

The Wicker Man: Weird is nice. This movie is nice. If you want a “bolder” version of the film, choose the 70’s version.

Zoo: An Asian film. A traditional Asian scary movie film, you might want to use this as filler in case you run out of movies to watch.


Wiki and imdb are always there to serve you in case you want to look for synopses or reviews for the films mentioned above. I got lazy writing summaries for the movies and I had to write positive things. It is not so me.


~ by targrod on October 21, 2008.

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