Of my mythological creature.

The Greeks have a high sense of imagination. Imagine the mythology that they shared to all of our civilization and generation. And this subject is really outstanding if you’ll think about it (I should compare this with the bible but I’m not in the mood to do that. So there, I’m Catholic. Dang, I sound like a Westener already. All right, forget what I wrote. Well, forget the words enclosed in parentheses.)

Actually, I love the mythological creatures only. They really fascinate me. I’m not really scared with these creatures since they came in friendly in some of the computer games. Unlike the creature in the big urn (halimaw sa banga), the Undin, or the Janice’s baby (tiyanak) which I really had some scare time when I was young. Uhm… not the undin, it wasn’t really scary, Ai Ai is.

Wiki-ing the Chimaera, it says there that they are the offspring of the Typhon (is it bgyo my dear? No) and Echidna (I’m really assuming this is not part of the family of rodents) and siblings of the Cerberus (remember Php Fluffy) and the Lernaean Hydra (it’s the Lochness monster with many necks and heads). Come to think of it, these siblings conquer the atmosphere; it will be hard to do a triple tag on them since they are in the air, the land, and the sea.

So, here’s my question, how do they copulate? It seems that these siblings are basically a freak of nature. Probably the parents are scientists in nature and they were able to create these creatures. They could’ve copulated lotsa giraffes and a duck-billed platypus (having the hydra), multi-copulation for three black Labradors (having the Cerberus), and a freaky-copulation of a lion, a snake, a goat, and a dragon (for the Chimaera). So, Greek myth creature porn anyone?

Now, the Minotaur has no parents, it was made for King Minos of Crete. They are part man and part bull. This one is really SSU (sakit sa ulo). Think about it. How were Minotaurs really made? It is probably Typhon who went to see a red bull and they went kinky…

In case the Chimaera ends up with a Minotaur, what would they’re children look like? IMPOV (In my point of view), I see it as the four-legged creatures as the female and the Minotaur. It is actually clear on how they’ll copulate and I won’t give any description in here.

I swear, if I had the abilities to draw or even animate things like these, I’ll surely add it in this post.

Actually, I’m just sad that the Minotaur has no parents. At least if it ends up with the Chimaera then probably, just probably, it’ll be part of a family. It is really incestuous if the Typhon storyline with the mistress is true. It’s like they are living like a royalty ala old school European King and Queens.

(sana yung Cerberus and yung si Minotaur na lang ang nagkatuluyan.)


I was originally going to post two weeks worth of “scary stuff”. Blame work on this one and laziness.


I never knew that Sarah Silverman would be booed off stage.

Is it karma? If you’ve seen her skits and shows, you’d probably agree. Her act is not clean.


Woot. U.S. Elections… Don’t care.


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