Of copied from Wating.

Every one loves nostalgia. Wait, people doesn’t really love nostalgia. Who wants to take a look back at their life with full of embarrassment and shame?

But wait, aren’t these things the reason who and what are we today?

So, why be serious?

Anyhoo, class pictures from grade 1 to 6 and 1st to 4th year of high school are found below. Oh, it ain’t hard to look for me.

(got this idea from my classmate, Wating na buhay to magpakailanpaman.)

Grade 1

Teacher: Mrs. Vinluan. Section: Lauan 1. Notes: I look like a freak.

Grade 2

Teacher: Mrs. Samonte. Section: Kamagong 2. Notes: See the kid who looks like he got into a fight. Well, he did. The person at my left provoked me and the person at my right. We got into a kicking contest. Mr. Band-aid. Look for Dino Ross in the picture (aka Dino Guevarra, Rollerboys anyone?)

Grade 3

Teacher: Mrs. Punzalan. Section: I forgot (me thinks I wore Orange for this section as we are all color coded per section, is it Kamagong too?). Notes: Apologies to the demon horns. And yes, Dino Ross is here too. (wee! Dino Guevarra fans club!) Grade 3 is not memorable to me. I don’t know why. First year in DB Sta. Mesa.

Grade 4

Teacher: Mrs. I-forgot-her-name. Section: Namuncura 4 (I think, wait it’s not Don Bosco’s student. I believe it’s a tree). Notes: No Dino Ross, sad. This is the most unique class picture I got.

Grade 5

Teacher: Mrs. Dy. Section: Cagliero 5. Notes: We’re back in DB Mandaluyong. This is the nth time I super suck at class pictures. I always try to smile. I promise. This year sucked, don’t ask.

Grade 6

Teacher: Mrs. Macatangay. Section: Savio 6. Notes: I’m in grade 6. Wee.

1st year

Teacher: Mrs. Balatbat. Section: 170. Notes: Our teacher is hot. =)

2nd year

Teacher: Mrs. Aguilar. Section 270. Notes: My favorite class adviser went into a cancer treatment. There was a time in that year where she wore a wig. Despite everything, she always had a positive outlook in life and a cheery disposition. I wondered what happened to her. I still look like a freak.

3rd year

Teacher: Mr. Dapiaoen. Class: 370. Notes: Egg-heads galore, kidding. We had the most number of COCC’s in the batch. We had classmates coming in from DB Pampanga in the middle of the year due to the big bad lahar. This is a computer section by the way.

4th year

Teacher: Mrs. Paras. Section 470. Notes: Apologies for the stain. Our class adviser looks like Cristy Permin, noh? And yes, this is still a computer class. 470 will always rock and will ever will be.


Happy Birthday papa!


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