Of an early Christmas shoorvaness wu.

Christmas is coming. Here are some suggestions you might want to give to your enemy or something you don’t like or if you’re too lazy to buy anything in an exchange gift situation:

500-peso worth of gasgas Christmas gifts such as picture frames, candles, and handkerchief.

500-peso worth of toys you can buy in the palengke.

500-peso worth of basahan.

500-peso worth of melamine-based food if you really hate the person.

500-peso worth of chocolates and sweets if he/she has diabetes.

500-peso worth of Smart load if he/she uses Globe or Sun.

500-peso worth of fresh meat from the market, liver and some innards are preferred.

500-peso discount certificate in those unholy places that we all know but we can’t nameit for the single female officemate who is in her early twenties.

500-peso worth of Didache books for the evil person.

500-peso worth of ice.

500-peso worth of Fissan for the person who has really smelly feet.

500-peso worth of sex toys for the religious.

500-peso worth of Halloween stuff.

500-peso worth of the most baduy audio CD’s you can think of.

500-peso worth of dried fish (the ones that really smell, you can add bagoong too, the one’s bought in the market of course.)

500-peso worth of those square batteries.

500-peso worth of confetti.

500-peso worth of floppy diskettes.

500-peso worth of tawas.

500-peso worth of pampalaglag ng bata courtesy of Quiapo.

So, basically the list can be really long if you’re creative. I’m sure you’d probably give an explosive to your enemy… or not.

Nah. It’s only October…


Some personal blah-blahs… blech.

Ack. People are really resigning in the office. Some of them didn’t even want to wait for December.

There’s one big dilemma for us actually here in the office. A big client might pull out and where would this place us come the end of the year. If you’re the employee, you’ll surely want security and assurance and it seems the company doesn’t even provide any good information for all of us (and also the fact that the company is cheapee cheap cheap.)

So, why aren’t you leaving… yet? Well, I won’t divulge any future goals in here. Let’s look at the part on why I am still here.

There are two factors actually. The convenience of the place, it’s in Ortigas only and I’m living in Cainta and the second one is I can go to work whenever I want to, theoretically (as I can’t really do this every day. But going to work at two in the afternoon having a regular shift then it’s cool with me.)

As much as I want to work in Makati, I’m still thinking about it. I was able to survive college and probably it’ll work in Makati or the Fort even.

It would be really sweet if I worked back in Libis though.

And it all boils down to one thing… moolah. We can always say that we work because we want to enhance or improve our career. But we know we want money too. Who doesn’t?



~ by targrod on October 24, 2008.

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