Of something’s funnee.

Lookie, lookie. What have we here?

I was browsing through some stuff in Ever the other day and was able to chance upon this item. It was like back to the 80’s or 90’s again. I just had to buy it. Though I’m not really interested in reading the comic but I still bought it. Out of boredom and for blogging content.

And look at the number (in Ta-gahlog, yung may bldg… ay mali… basta bilang) Imagine the number, it’s in the thousands already. This comic has come a long way. Despite the inflation (it’s 450 percent increase bebe), I think it is still suitable for kids. The content isn’t as much as before, maybe due to the fact that this type of business isn’t as lucrative a decade ago (yes, ang kawawang kartunista… umunlad na… hopefully.)

I do miss Niknok, Planet op d Eyps, and Combatron.

And I remembered a few other competitors as well. There’s Bata-batuta and Kick Fighter.



Despite the magazine’s name, I still bought it. There:

It is written as a Collector’s Edition so I bought it.

In fairness to the issue, it is still, somehow, worth it. It lacked content though. And maybe due to the 67 songs with chords included in the magazine, as this magazine really is a song hit.

I just didn’t like the “album review”. Like, duh.

(hindi ako maka myx e. maka halo lang… har har har)


~ by targrod on October 25, 2008.

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