Of an upcoming office Xmas partey.

Woot. As early as today, our HR is starting the planning for the upcoming Christmas party. Last year was really a blast. Despite moi ending up with one red ball, it didn’t really matter much because you go to the event not just for the prizes but also to enjoy it (it has always been my belief, turo ng nanay ko, that whenever you attend an event, be sure you’re going to enjoy it. Or else, don’t attend. It is really ugly if your sugly, sulking ugly, person).

We did the 80’s last year. I recycled some items at home to create that 80’s look. And now, it might be a wittle bit hard. Our HR emailed some possible tentative themes:

–         Under The Sea

–         Movie Star Look-alikes (Red Carpet / Hollywood)

–         Mardi Gras / Masquerade

–         Filipino Myths

If ever no new themes would be suggested then I should think and plan in advance on what I should wear on the given themes above. Let me see; let’s start with the Movie Star Look-alikes.

The closest I can think of is to dress as a student in Hogwarts. Given the Hollywood idea, that’s all I could think of. Or I could dress up as Zac Efron or Edward Cullen. Bwahahaha.

Actually I really want to go as that weird character in Pan’s Labyrinth. The part with the “don’t eat any effing food on the table, you dyslexic you”. If you don’t know this, watch the movie. Berri good pilm.

For the Filipino myth, it would be really really hard. We only have a few of these myths and I’m not sure if people will buy this one. It might end up like a Hallomas or a Christoween, and I can’t really accept that. I won’t vote for this one. But given the chance that our dimension ends up with this choice, and then I might dress up as Robina’s twin sister / brother. Yes, the snake in Robinson’s Galleria.

Exploring Under The Sea is quite easy, you just have to watch a few water related movies such as The Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid 2, Dyesebel Edna Luna version, Dyesebel Alma Moreno version, Dyesebel Alice Dixson version, Dyesebel Charlene Gonzales version, Isabel Granada’s version of a Sirena, or Nemo from the movie LXG… Kidding… from Finding Nemo of course.

I think I just have to wear those Nemo bags. Punch a big hole at the middle and wear it. Presto. I have a costume.

Lastly, the Mardi gras are probably the most easiest (hehehe) theme. I think I just have to wear six multi-colored beaded long necklaces and that’s it. I originally thought of wearing just one but it might me look naked so I made the number increase to six.


I have a few suggestions too but I don’t think it will be chosen. It isn’t much though but I’ll try:

–         Twilight (I’d still enter as Edward. Bwahahaha)

–         Sexbomb (Eat Bulaga’s sexbomb dancers a)

–         Donuts (you can get ideas from Gonuts, Krispy, etc. etc.)

–         Pixar characters (I’ll probably dress up as ‘mater from Cars)

–         Mathematical symbols (I’d be a decimal point or ang lalaking may period)

–         Naruto (this is just a tribute to my boyplen beejay)

–         Local showbiz tv host, deads or alive (I’d come in as Giovanni Calvo)

–         Starbucks drink (Coffee Jelly)

No serious suggestions here… I’m getting sleyfee na.


~ by targrod on October 26, 2008.

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