Of d usual mother & daughter talk.

So, there’s the usual usapang-politics at home. If you’re updated with today’s current events (and I tell you, you’d rather not want to her the news anyway. Nasasayang na nga yung dyaryo naming. Puro entertainment and sports lang ang sinisilip ko. I used to read the business section, pero nakakalungkot lang ang money market natin. Yeah, TMI na. I know), you’d probably heard of Jocjoc Bolante.

I’m not really interested in updating myself on who is Jocjoc Bolante as his name will be forgotten three months from now.

Anyhoo, here’s the dialogue:

Me: “Alam mo ma, comedian siguro yang nasa tv. Jocjoc e.”

Mom: “Ay mali ka, seryoso yang tao na yan. Jocjoc lang e. Dapat Jocjocjoc!”

(an appropriate “nye!” should be followed with this conversation, I opted not to write it instead.)


And there’re also times when I watch the showbiz Tv shows with my mom (I always get certain showbiz histories from her and not from the Internet. We’re not a family of chismosos, we’re just showbiz-ly inclined.) And just last weekend, there was this Jc De Vera guy on channel seven (aydyosko, this is one hell of a boring person. Oh yes, kahit na may G2G, guy to guy, action sya sa latest movie nya, wala pa rin akong pakialam sa buhay nya. Siirrriiuusssly ho-hum) and they were talking about the kissing scene of men.

I asked my mom.

“Ma, kung mag-artista ako at meron akong kissing scene sa lalaki, tatanggapin nyo pa din ba ko?”

I only got a weird look from my mom.

Hey, I just want to be an artista a.


If you’re a filmmaker or someone who watches all types of movies, you’ll probably have seen Luis Bunuel’s Un Chien Andalou (or An Andalusian Dog… chet, I’m not sure.)

I have the copy for months now and I’m glad I was able to watch the movie earlier today. It really took me some guts to watch it.

So, here’s the scene and guess what the guy will do to the girl. Here’s a clue: bladed object.

All I can say is I’ve survived watching this film. And it wasn’t that bad.


~ by targrod on October 28, 2008.

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