Of un-bliss-ed

Move over Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Move over Gary Valenciano.

I swear this concert is waaaayyy betterer than the E-heads concert back in August/September.

Click the link to find out the crap that I’m talking about:


And since the last time I did a concert viewing, I listened to the albums of the Eraserheads all over again and again for a week so that I won’t be left out in case they sing the famous and not-so-famous songs. Well, I just had to listen to catch up with missed tones and forgotten lyrics.

Now, in case I’m going to watch this concert, I’d probably do it in a different manner. I believe I still have a few weeks to gather all the movies that play their songs. Given the era of the band’s hits, I think I have to check out the early 90’s movies, probably movies by Rita Avila, Rosanna Roces, and such.

And I have to take out the movies with the song Careless Whisper, since that song is actually gasgas already.


I just remembered this one yesterday. Are you familiar with the Kite Runner? It is a movie about young slashers in Afghanistan…

Seriously, the movie is a sort-of-an-autobiopic of the author of the Kite Runner. It happened before and the fall of Afghanistan. (I swear Afghanistan looked cool in the eighties. Damn you twisted individuals.)

So, our protagonist wants to be a writer and his father doesn’t want him to. His father was kind of amused with the idea that he told his son, “Anong churva ba naman yan iho? You want to be a storyteller?”

It just made me say one thing. In case this happened today and the same situation arises, I’d probably say, “Rowling itay, rowling.”


I’m listening right now to the Fruitcake album and moi thinks that the E-heads first coined the term Mother Packers. Remember SBC packers by Rex Navarrete?

(wala lang…)


Everything is still blank. They say ignorance is bliss. Not in my case.


~ by targrod on October 29, 2008.

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