Of thirding your eyesight.

I think it is quite appropriate to make-kwento this subject for now. After the demise of everybody’s favorite MGB Halloween episode, we all just have to take the specials of Korina’s, Sharon’s, and Mel & Joey’s. In fairness, Mel & Joey’s have some astig Halloween episodes.

One of which was when Elizabeth Oropesa was their guest. I remember it exactly when she wasn’t able to cope up with some bad aura inside the studio (as skeptics would say, eh nagdadrama lang yan. Ta-artits yan e.) She was complaining that her spirit or aura is bringing her down.

And it probably is true.

As people with third eye don’t really just have to see the spirit, feeling the emotions of the spirit is still considered as third eye-ish.

But before that, let’s go back to the part when we were born in this world. As all young-lings have a third eye until the ripe age of two (that’s what I remember). Some kids retain the eye when they grow up and eventually it closes. Ergo, we all have the third eye. It is actually up to us if we open it, we retain it in its open state, or we want it closed.

Isn’t it nice when you’re cousin or pamangkin suddenly says to every one “Uy, si Lolo o!” When the corpse of your dead grandfather is just on the other room. Spooky? Yes, but it is reality (wala kang choice.)

One thing about people with third eye is that they know if another person has a third eye too. No, there’s no certain special feature that you can see. You’ll just know that he/she has one, if you have one. Just like the idea of ‘Lukso ng Dugo’. It’s all in the feeling…

But what if the feeling is gone by Ellamaesaison… nah…

Now, the depiction of the third eye in the movies is quite OA actually. From what I gathered, and usually, a spirit usually would just appear for a couple of seconds. It usually doesn’t stay there. The funny thing is when you happen to see that spirit; everything will stay inside your mind. It is as if there’s a footprint inside your mind (but it’s not a foot, it is a spirit… so spiritprint. If you can say that three times as fast, I’m gonna give you half a dozen sticks of sundot-kulangot.)

My mom’s third eye is really wide (kasinlaki nung sa Cyclops). I always ask her things like “Ma, anong kulay ng aura ko?” (because they can easily see your aura color despite the fact that my momma has glaucoma. Uy… rhyme…)

That’s why it is really fun if she’s with you if ever you enter an old house…

In addition to her wonderful third eye when she’s awake. The third eye works during sleepy time. She usually has these dreams about things like talking with our dead relatives especially her parents (or my grandparents). So, what’s special about that? If that particular dream is important to our kin (or angkan in tahgalog), she’ll have this certain episode wherein she’ll shout or cry or wail waking my father at the same time.

Of course, if you don’t know us, you’d probably have some hysteria too. You might say that my mom is having a nightmare (probably), but she’s fine. Trust me.

I don’t need to scare you people. The supernatural world is not scary. You just have to blame the media for that one. I’d rather be scared with today’s economy or even things like riding a taxicab.

Happy Halloween y’all.


~ by targrod on October 30, 2008.

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