Of another boring entry.

This is one of my movie-related entries so this might be another one of those boringest entries. It is purely blah (uy, I’m learning to use the word blah. Squeeee dyi.)

I’m not a film critic. I’m not a film student. But I do enjoy movies in general. From fantasy to action to drama to animation to whatnot, I find ‘em all enjoyable.

You may say that I’m starting my video collection as early as now (one of these days, I’m going to post pictures of my cd/vcd/dvd collection. I used to collect anything that relates with paper, ang sabi ng nanay ko, “ano, mag-iipon ka pa ng ikasusunog ng bahay?” Look at my collection now, they won’t burn na. Yah…”) I think it is quite obvious that I love movies as most of my blog posts are really related to movies: ideas for movies, rant and raves, and other Omg moments.

With all the free time and the money that I earn, I am having this liberty to buy and watch what I wanna. Just five years ago, I can say that the movies that I’m watching are mostly mainstream and it all started to a friend who boasted the movies she watched (aba, gusto ko din nang ganun, yung pupunta ka sa video store and you’ll quickly shift stalls kasi dun sa set nung stand na yun napanood mo na lahat or most of the movies na makikita mo. Seriously.)

So, it all started with three friends who lent me some of their dvd’s (pero kulang pa din). I got some membership in VideoCity and literally borrowed ten titles per three days. And hey, if you really want to watch movies without spending much, that’s a good deal. And I ended up roaming in Arlegui. Oh, you know what they sell in those places…

Pamparegla ng lalaki…

The workplace was changed and St. Francis gave me a new light. I literally spent a lot of money for movies already. I won’t say how much. Basta.

Eventually, I am really running out of titles to watch. I used to watch b-rated films (B is Badly created films sold in the market.) These titles are really a waste of time. Really. Though I was able to find some precious titles as I usually rave them in my blog from time to time (yeah! That includes you Machine Girl and Teeth!).

Now, an emo friend of mine gave me this, 1001 movies before you die book. And right now, I’m starting to complete the titles. If not, at least watch it. I’m only one-fifths of the book and I know I’ll be able to at least do a ninety percent in the next few years as I can watch fifteen to twenty five movies per week (I am literally a homebody person, I’m so lazy in going out, one of the signs you’re getting old.)

It doesn’t end there. I’m also interested in cult films and controversial films since most movies today share the same old formula. I don’t mind watching old movies that contain shocking violent and sex scenes. Take Cannibal Holocaust for instance, I’m sure if you were a person who has a very bad stomach, you’d probably turn off the player if you’ve seen the first thirty minutes of the film. Or The Last Temptation Of Christ, a kick-ass movie by William Defoe (tama ba spelling? Kaano-ano nya si William Debida?)

If you’re interested in doing what I’m doing (I’m sure you’re not interested. It’s a geek world bebe), you can start by going to http://www.imdb.com and check the top 250 films. That alone can help guide you the movies that are considered, somehow, astig in their respective generations and genres. Then, after that you can drop by http://www.filmsite.org as more films are talked in this site.

I’m not saying I’m a film expert. As I’ve said, I just enjoy movies to the finest whether they are tame or controversial.


Movies lined-up this month (this is from the book that I mentioned; these are arranged chronologically by year) are Queen Christina, It Happened One Night, Mutiny On The Bounty, The Life Of Emile Zola, Citizen Kane, Black Narcissus, The Bicycle Thief, All About Eve, An American In Paris, Marty, Throne Of Blood, The Bridge On The River Kwai, Gigi, Rio Bravo, Goldfinger, Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!, Bonnie And Clyde, Satyricon, Midnight Cowboy, The Wild Bunch, The French Connection, Frenzy, Annie Hall, Chariots Of Fire, Tootsie, The Killer, Goodfellas, Heavenly Creatures, and Taste Of Cherry.

I just acquired Halloween, A Chinese Ghost Story, and Fatal Attraction that is really wee for me.


Told ya it’s bow-ring.

And no, I’m still having an I-will-not-watch-Titanic-even-if-you-kill-me phase. So, that makes it 1000 films you have to see before you die.



~ by targrod on October 31, 2008.

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