Of some seriousness once in a while.

Death is always just around the corner. Ask the people who died this year… seriously.

Err… seriously; you might say that I’m one of a jack-ass-hole type of person joking death. Well, number one, we Filipinos joke about everything. Number two, I’m kind of used to death anyways.

From what I learned in life, or death, is to accept death. I know it is hard for some of us, or most of us, regarding the idea or the subject of death. Try asking your loved one, “Paano kung namatay ako ngayon?” You think that person can give you a straight answer? He or she would just tell you to change the subject and ask to watch My Big Love instead (because I am loving Toni Gonzaga again).

My mom has started to train me about death when I was on the right age (there’s no definite age for this my dearies.) Every time she encounters some death-defying sickness, she always reminds me where the important documents are (that includes the funeral papers, insurance, and her last will and testament that consists of 108 karat gold.)

We’ve gotten to train my dad regarding this one too… err… eventually.

Now, despite the fact that I’m trying to be ready every time I’m thinking of losing my loved ones any time, there is still the reality that you really won’t know what you’ll be able to do whenever this time comes (think Bella having the idea of vampirism before she was bitten… err… spoileriffic.)

That’s why most of the times that I’m thinking of this idea and despite the fact that I know this will really happen sooner or later, I end up getting semi-depressed or something in that sense. It’s not emo really because it is a big thing and being an emo requires small worries in life (as if we don’t know that already).

And yes, this is really a serious post.


I really hate our tradition with regards to the Undas days. I just don’t get the point that whenever we go to the cemetery, we bring all the food that we can bring and we pig out. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it.

Imagine the trash that we leave at the place.

Just last year, it felt like there were slobs who went to the cemetery where we’re going. They threw their thrash that consists of a numerable number of spaghetti strands. And yes, the smell too, it helped.

Undas has a purpose and from what I remember it is not the National Gluttony Day.

Or at least do a Clean As You Go on the venue.


This is just now. It will pass.

~ by targrod on November 2, 2008.

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