Of cursing the un-coursed.

Maruki suggested a topic. He asked me if are there any other Hollywood cursed films? I told him, “No, that’s it.”

I’m just joking of course.

I tried looking in the Internet regarding this stuff and there are some movies that wasn’t mentioned regarding an article by Mr. Garceu of the Philippine Star last week (I swear this guy is really good with pop culture. He even drinks pop cola!!! “Pop ang sa I-yo!”)

Here’s the thing, I wasn’t able to get the sites’ html’s. So, no references here… Hehe.

The Superman Curse:

George Reeves shot himself in a party due to unemployment made by the film. Christopher Reeves became you know what. Margot Kidder or Lois Lane has a manic episode; she ended up as a mental patient. Richard Pryor (the kinky guy. Kinky kasi yung buhok nya.)

The James Bond Curse:

You Only Live Twice had a stuntman lost both his leg due to the blades of Freddie Krueger errr a helicopter. Pierce Brosnan was scarred with fragments of bullets. HalleBerry was nearly blinded by a smoke grenade.

The Rebel Without A Cause Curse:

James Dean was killed on a car crash. Natalie Wood drowned. And Sal Mineo was stabbed to death. Moi thinks this was included in the newspaper article. I forgot if it is.

The Rosemary’s Baby Curse:

Director Roman Polanski suffered the loss of his wife, Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time, at the hands of the Manson family.

The Apocalypse Now Curse:

Thank God the movie became a hit. Well, massive budget overruns, set-destroying hurricanes, Martin Sheen’s heart attack, and a drunken Marlon Brando (panalo siguro ang SMB kaya ganun). In addition, the “protection” money given to the NPA; (NPA nga ba?)  I think it took them 270+ days to shoot the movie. There’s an existing documentary of the shooting of the movie made by Coppola’s wife (or daughter, I’m not sure).

Twilight Zone: The Movie Curse:

I read this one in imdb or wiki, me thinks. Star Vic Morrow and two child actors were killed while filming a Vietnam flashback sequence when an errant explosion sent a helicopter careening out of control.

And here’s an interesting update:

The Soul Men Curse:

The movie is not yet released. Star Bernie Mac died this year. Isaac Hayes, who made a cameo, also died. Sweet.

I’m sure this one’s the bestest curse.

The Sukob Curse:

If you and your brother or sister gets married in the same year (of course, not with each other. Dash freaky) then that is the Sukob Curse. No, I don’t have any ideas if the Sukob film had any curses in it as Kris and Claudine are fine. I just felt saying it.

~ by targrod on November 3, 2008.

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