Of Mach Gwap I.

It had been slightly different with today’s machismo-ism with regards to watching movies.

Just last weekend my cousin was telling me that they can’t bring ‘their boyfriends’ in those usual-Pinoy-love-story-movies. I used to live in that category. I hated (hate is such a big word… ask Yoda) watching or even glimpsing these kind of movies. It was a mortal sin for me to enter the movie house and watch ‘crap’.

Though, I’m still proud that I’ve watched Pedro Penduko 2 twice in the movie house and still am. (but it doesn’t really relate me and machismo, I just felt like saying it.)

If you’re going to analyze why we men don’t watch these films in a movie house is due to the simple rule of thumb. We don’t want to watch it with the uber-bakya crowd. I’m not doing a hasty generalization here, but I’ve experienced it when I watched the uber-wonderful-wow film, For the First Time. C’mon, I’m not being an a-hole here, but I really don’t want to watch a movie with a noisy person (crap, it is really hard to bring down our kababayans, baka ihabla din ako ni Pia Cayetano). Hopefully, you’re getting my point.

And also, the entertainment industry has started to change. Though the past have given us the Jolens-Marvin tandem and the Juday-Wowie tandem. As we guys really won’t get caught watching their kind of films. It is like doing a subtle firing squad with a candle sticking up our asses.

Thankfully, they are now tapping the not-so-jologs entertainers such as Kc Concepcion, Sam Milby, etc to the big screen. And don’t forget the eye-candy artistas too such as Angel Locsin. They bring in the male machismo cease to existence.

In my experience, my machismo-ism ceased to existence when I was able to catch the movie Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin. It was a really different movie. Thanks to J.J. Reyes. It was really funny when I saw this film. I was watching it with a guy officemate and we watched it through and trough (thankfully hindi kami nagkatuluyan. Catholic kasi ako and Iglesia sya.)

Actually, you can’t just say that you’ll be losing your machismo whenever you watch these kinds of movies. That is so stereotypical of you if that’s the case as I’ve seen a lot of guys already who watches these films and they didn’t really lose anything (except for a few hundred bucks who watch For the First Time).

There are a lot of things that makes a man and a few of them are being honest, accepting your fault, being responsible, being a good family man… and the list goes on and on.


And no… No Titanic for me… still.


~ by targrod on November 4, 2008.

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