Of the numbah 44.

You may have all heard of the Democrat presidentiable Barack Obama win over John Mccain. Checking the stats yesterday, it seems that Barack won by a landscape (as Erap had termed it waayyy when he landscape his win during the 1998 presidential elections.

We will all be saying then that he is the 44th black president. And probably the African American community would react that he should be named right. As in, the 44th African American president, and probably they could encounter dilemmas since not all people are really aware of that racist remark like Chinks (for the Chinese, I think) and Flips (for us Pinoys); my apologies for the terms.

So, if we follow the racist rule then we always have to say that he is the first African American president? Dash hard. If it is changed as AA, then it doesn’t mean at all. Now if you change it to Ze African American president then probably it would make sense. You can ask the twins in that commercial and they’ll probably agree.

And probably the ignoramus would give the term Dark as my siko or Dark as my tuhod or even Dark as my ebs. But those are simply mean.

Since racism is a very highly sensitive subject let’s move on to the real news that I just gathered yesterday.

(wala na si Karylle and si Dingdong Dantes)

Now, that’s a real heartbreaker for me actually. I’ve always liked their love-team in reality.

What really happened on why they broke up? Is it because of that Marian Rivera? C’mon, for me, I’d rather choose Karylle over Marian anytime. I just don’t like Marian, period.

And isn’t it weird that Marian and her baler boyfriend broke up a few weeks ago (is it really weeks)? It really sounds so fishy that you just have to read betweens the lines and points.

They were saying that the seven-year itch is itching. C’mon. They are just in their third year. (Paano na kaming mga fans nyo????)

And how about Karylle’s surname; will it be like that till the end of time? Will it be just Karylle?



I swear, showbiz is really more important than politics. We are now going to brace ourselves for a different U.S. president. If this guy is another war-freak then we are all doomed. And probably Oliver Stone might have just to make a new movie entitled O.


~ by targrod on November 5, 2008.

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