Of some ho-hum stuff.

The mind, no matter how good or how evil you are, would somehow think to take over the world. And for women, they have their version for this, to take over all the men and crush them with there own two feet (oh… how sexist Mr. Trinidad… blech).

Only two people are successful in taking over the world. There’s Bill Gates and J.K. Rowling. Adolf Hitler almost made it but eventually failed (hindi nya kasi nabasa yung Art of War… sabi ng lolo ko.)

Oh, F4 almost made it too but…

And isn’t it weird that despite the mature age for all people who grew up in front of the television watching animation, we are still somehow attached to it, or if not, still remembers the good old days? Like my mom who tells me that she still remembers ‘Wait Till Your Father Gets Home’ (search wiki for this one.)

Now, combining the two topics mentioned above isn’t it really funny to watch animation that tackles world domination. I used to watch these two shows and I really do think that they are fun and funny.

Pinky and the Brain.

Pinky and the Brain is a cartoon inside the animation, Animaniacs. The concept of the television show is purely simple. The brain (the smaller one who holds a mic) thinks of different ways on how they could take over the world. And Pinky is like a redneck… a stupid redneck.

These mouses =) were products of somekinda-galing-galing experiment.

So, what makes the show? Well, the conversation of the two “protagonists” and the always fail plan ala Coyote. The thing is, we have the Brain that is supposed to be a really intelligent person and every time they have a plan, it always fails.

And Steven Spielberg related shows are always cool… for me that is.

Invader Zim.

As previously stated, this show is also about the takeover of the world. We have an alien Zim here (omg, I’m not entirely sure if Zim is the kontrabida. Hahaha) who wants to take over the world. He has Gir as his trusty sidekick and there’s Dib who stops them every time they do sumfhing.

Same thing with PATB, the sidekick usually messes up the situation. But this it is fairly different. Gir is simply ignorant unlike Pinky who is just plain stooped.

I do guess that these shows should only have a main protagonist, ala Mojo Jojo of the Powerpuff Girls. They don’t really need sidekicks because they’ll just get them in trouble. Unlike Chita-eh who…uhm… nevermind.


Hahaha. (wala na kong magawa. Pero pramis enjoy talaga yung mga animation na yan at adeek kasi ako.)

And probably one of these days, I’ll do a politics post. If I’m really depressed…

~ by targrod on November 6, 2008.

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