Of some spacey, space-noh.

Space… Space consists of five letters that starts with the letter S and ends with the letter E.

Space… Space is a word that takes up space. Just look at this post. See the part with the word space? The word space just took up some space.

Space… It is not really empty but there’s something in there. There is still gas if you analyze it.

Space… It is often used to create new words such as spacebar, outer space, and spacemaker for the heart.

Space… We need space in times when we need it. Such as space from work, from relationships, from your family, and especially from the back of an FX who takes all the space because he/she is thick-faced (yeah… makapal ang mukha.)

(yuck. Parang ang emo na ng post na to. Bwahahaha)

But you have to think about it. Let’s say you are riding in an FX taxi and you sit at the back (the ones with the parallel seat) and since you only take a third on the side of your seat, the person who sat beside you took all the space including placing a small bag or package beside her instead of placing it on his/her lap.

No, I don’t get that part.

You may call me bitchy but you have to understand that there is a thing called personal space and the space that you paid for. (Though some people aren’t really sensitive enough on this) Think of the idea of ‘unahan’ or ‘palengke’ mode.

Probably and only probably I’ll get it if you’re not wearing any office clothes (though this person had friends and they were talking as if there was no end.)

You may call me a snotty and bratty kid but in my lifetime, and as much as possible, I don’t take advantage of these things. It shows your true nature and it shows what kind of person you are.

(and syet naman kasi pati yung aircon, sinabi nya na “pa-share a”. sabay tapat sa kanyang derecho yung aircon. Naman di ba?)


My patience is really really really long especially when I’m in public. I only have one rule; don’t do something that might hurt me or something that will cause me to kill you. (chong madami na pala syang rules. Bwahahaha)

In relation to this, just yesterday, there’s this… uhm… guy that is not really a guy who sat beside me. So, I was reading Breaking Dawn when he fixed his elbow and it came to a point that it is hitting my genitals… err… joke… my hip, making it really uncomfortable for me. Thank God it didn’t really go further (or else baka nagtititili na ko ng rrreeeyyyypppp!!!!!)

As I’ve said, I’m really patient with these things but don’t let the water boil… if it boils you can make-timpla na a cup of hot coffee.

~ by targrod on November 7, 2008.

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