Of uhm… hay…

What would you like to read?

Would you read something like: Obama is proclaimed as the forty-fourth president of the United States of America. This is history in the making having the African American people and the minority rejoices with such a feat. It is time for the real democracy as world leaders are congratulating the newly elected president.

High hopes are surely expected with the newly elect. It is expected that the U.S. forces in the Middle East will be gone in six months. The economy will boost back reminiscent of the days of President Clinton albeit some minor bumps during his presidency.

We are all sure that Malcolm X and Martin Luther are grinning right now with what is happening with Uncle Sam…


Up until now, people just can’t believe with what happened between Dingdong and Karylle. It seems that there is some balancing force every week in the local showbiz industry.

Just a few weeks ago, mudslinging was reported between Miss Nadja Montenegro (et al) and Miss Flaminiano (tama ba spelling?). Furthermore, Judy Ann Santos also had some problems with her manager.

But weeks after that, Joey De Leon and Willie Revillame are in good terms after an awards show.

So, are we expecting good news with the weeks to come?



The ZTE deal was a ‘damn-if-you-damn-if-you-don’t’ moment for PGMA. The real story behind this drama is a fault by the son of JDV. In all honesty, PGMA didn’t really approve of this deal from the start. It just went hay-wired when Lozada panicked with what happened with him.

There was no kidnapping involved. Lozada wasn’t even really part of this deal.

(and if you knew how corrupt this Lozada is… think about this one, he can bring his whole clan, yes the whole clan, for vacation in Tagaytay)


(wow. Buti pa talaga ang states. May good news. Kelan kaya magkakaroon ng good news sa Pinas? Like putting our valuable taxes to good use or the improvement of the whole country. Remember yung latest na Sona? Syetters diba? At least kahit papano ang U.S. may pag-asa pa…)

(dahil sa lahat ng mga ito… kakanta na lang ako… Maaaayyy Bukas Pa Sa Iyo….)


Yuck. Politics again?


~ by targrod on November 8, 2008.

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