Of some-a reclaims-a…

Some churvae running in my mind…

They were always saying that Jollibee is the leading fast food chain in the Philippines. Mcdonalds really can’t overtake Jollibee’s awesome power. I have a question though, why is it that the service of this so-called number one fast food is soooo slow come the horde of hungry Filipinos.

Is service really not part of Jollibee’s priority and instead focus on the food that they serve? Yes, we know that most of the food is really good but, at least, they should focus on one of their weaknesses.

(yuck… ang babaw nito a. I wub pawabok.)


So, it has been confirmed. Globe has been really sucky for the past month(s).

If you happen to drop by our place, be sure that you’re using Smart or Sun or else…

I used to accept the fact that our house just happens to be the place where Globe does not exist. I had to look for special places where I could at least get a two-bar signal for my Globe number.

(again… it is mababaw…)


Small and big restos in Megamall are sure smart. It doesn’t matter if you spend thousands with the goods that you buy from them. As long as the place is full and they want you out, they stop serving certain things that aren’t found in the menu.

There’s Shakey’s for example. Our small (around twelve people) group ate there last Sunday and we were there for around two hours already. Our bill is more than a thousand and, obviously, we were still having a good time. So, one of us asked for water and the waiter acknowledged it and disappeared… Then, nothing came.

So, it was my turn to ask for agua. Same crap happened.

(mababaw talaga… buti na lang umalis na din kami. I just wub mojos.)


Cooking rice is really a big katamaran for me. I mean, it would just take ten minutes of your time tops.

So, I do wish one thing this Christmas, ready to cook rice. You know, rice with water inside every butil?

That would be ow-some. You just place some uncooked rice inside a microwave without any water and plug in some few minutes or seconds and voila, cooked rice.

(ayan… malalim na… parang deep well.)


~ by targrod on November 10, 2008.

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