Of some flying machines.

We dropped by Toy Kingdom the other day…

(I swear topics with me and toys are so bountiful. I really have no frustrations with toys, it is just “I happen to drop by this store blah blah this and blah blah that”. Bu really, toys nowadays are veerrry interesting. And I’m just here to compare “my” time with the current time. So there, I’m defensive. So, one boo for that.)

Have you seen those small flying helicopters? Those flying object with RC as its controller, yeah those things.

I haven’t asked them yet on how much each costs but these lucky bastard children can easily ask these toys with ease (that’s double ease-burger please…)

Just two decades ago electronic flying toys were not existing (here in the Philippines, from what I can remember). All we have are those butterfly toys (the T shaped toys wherein the vertical part is a lollipop stick and there’s some plastic perpendicularly at the top, shaping it with the letter T), paper planes and kites (I never really knew how to fly a kite. And all I had was a boo… uhm… a vow… uhm… a buka-buka… err… bowka-bowka).

Remote-controlled land toys came in the nineties. It was really expensive back then. They bought me one of those toys. I owned one of those cheaper types of RC cars. It is the one that goes circle when you don’t press the forward button and that’s it.

And it is a gem to see RC flying devices as older people own these things. They were gas-operated and children were not really given the chance to touch it. So, it’s pure watch and awe.

But now it’s entirely different, you can easily buy these things in a mall. So, what do we have two decades from now? ESP controlled devices? Abangan…

(parang ang korni ng sinulat ko… bwahahaha)


On a booky note, I was just reading Breaking Dawn (and still am reading as of now, sorry Meelan. Hehehe) and it seems that Bella has the psychological problem of letting go and I just don’t get it. This girl should understand that life goes on and people and living things die and all that crap that we all know of and so there… blech.

So, if her father or her mom dies and if she is a vampire would she bite them both because she doesn’t want them to leave Earth?

Or even Jacob, if he’s going to die, would Bella bite her too? Will there be an influx of DNA for the vampiristic and wolfick blood?

Shouldn’t the writers of Underworld file a lawsuit damage to Meyer in case this happens? Abangan…

(everything’s seems so boring again… hala… never ending twilight… hello prof sky!)

~ by targrod on November 12, 2008.

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