Of some factor.

I’m not sure about this one but did PFF (or Pinoy Fear Factor) start last Monday?

And is it just me that this PFF reeking with channel 7’s Survivor? I just can’t feel the impact of these shows.

Survivor Philippines is coming to an end. Being a pop culture enthusiast, I should’ve been watching or even religiously following, this show. But I opt not to basing it from some of my past posts. For me, the show sucks/sucked. Not all foreign television shows can easily be transported here in the Philippines.

Remember the suckiness of channel 5’s Wheel of Fortune hosted by Frustrum? (If you can’t remember it… there you go.)

Now, I’m not just saying that these shows are sucky. They have content. They have the name. They are shown primetime so they are important. What I am saying here is that these shows are not for the common tao.

If you’ve been following the original sources of these shows, they have showcased un-able bodied individuals. Take Survivor Season 1 champion Richard. He is not in any way sexy. He is just some f***ed up individual (I’m not judging his gayness here) who wants to walk around the beach naked. And remember Survivor Season 4 (or was it 3 or 5… the one in Africa), where part of the last two is an old woman (me thinks her name is Tina).

What I am saying here is that these reality shows doesn’t really gather contestants that are common. They have to get these beautiful-bodied individuals so that, probably, they can use them for future shows such as a sucky-suck-suck show named Banana Split.

So, here’s channel 2’s Pinoy Fear Factor. All contestants have eye-candy bodies. And probably they have been paid a fair talent fee and the prize is just a bonus.

Oh wait, I just remembered, I haven’t seen the contestants of Survivor Philippines yet. So, I really have no right to say such things. This is more of a bash PFF.

And I’ll probably be watching PFF because Lj Moreno is there. And that’s it.


And I want to go to South America too. Give loser bodies like me a chance to join these shows. I don’t care if I’m not eye-candy. You can always blur the show if you don’t want to showcase my physique.

(yuck. This is so kaka. And diba si Ryan Agoncillo naman hindi ganun ka-astig ang body nya nung nag-start sya noon sa showbeez? Hahaha. Wala lang. Pangsasayang lang ng owras.)


~ by targrod on November 13, 2008.

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